The car is equipped with independent brakes - hand and foot

Hand brake shoe, drum type, with two inner shoes, mounted on the transfer case

The handbrake should only be used as a parking brake.

It is allowed to use the handbrake while driving only in emergency cases, as it heavily loads the power transmission mechanisms, and if the car is braked for a long time, the brake heats up to a high temperature and may fail.

ZIL-131 brake diagram

Please note that the brake light does not come on when braking with the handbrake.

The foot brake drive is pneumatic and acts through the pedal and a system of pneumatic mechanisms on shoe-type brakes installed on all six wheels of the car.

The pneumatic system provides the ability to automatically apply the trailer brakes if the trailer is equipped with pneumatic single-wire brakes, and is also used to regulate tire pressure, actuate the windshield wiper and control the transfer case.

Braking is carried out by compressed air pumped into three air cylinders by a compressor driven by a V-belt from the car engine.

The supply of compressed air from air cylinders to the brake chambers of the wheel brakes is carried out by a brake valve. to control the brake valve there is a pedal connected by a rod to the valve lever.

When you press the pedal, compressed air from the cylinder flows through the brake valve into the brake chambers.

Under air pressure, the rods of the brake chambers move, while turning the expanding fists, which press the pads against the brake drums.

When the pedal is released, the brake valve blocks the air from the cylinders and releases air from the brake chambers into the atmosphere.

The diagram of the pneumatic brake drive and the tire pressure control system are shown in fig. 1.

Pneumatic drive for wheel brakes

The wheel brake control drive is pneumatic. The force applied by the driver to the pedal is transmitted through the system of levers and rods to the brake valve.

Scheme of operation of the pneumatic drive of the brakes of the car and trailer is shown in fig. 1 and 2.

ZIL-131 pneumatic brake drive diagram

Scheme of the pneumatic drive of the brakes of a car with a trailer in the braked state: 1 - compressor; 2 - combined brake valve; 3 - uncoupling crane of the car; 4 - connecting head; 5. uncoupling crane of the trailer; 6 - trailer air distributor; 7 - trailer air tank; 8 - wheel brake; 9 - brake chambers; 10 - car air tank

ZIL-131 pneumatic brake drive diagram

Scheme of the pneumatic drive of the brakes of a car with a trailer in a braked state