Engine 3IL-131 V-shaped, eight-cylinder, four-stroke, carburetor, liquid-cooled

The engine is attached to the frame at three points.

The front engine mount is a bracket mounted under the timing gear cover; the clutch housing paws serve as rear supports.

There are round rubber pads between the bracket and the front cross member of the frame, as well as between the legs of the clutch housing and the rear engine mount brackets.

The front and rear suspension pads are interchangeable.

In addition, the engine is connected to the front cross member of the frame by means of a jet thrust with rubber shock absorbers.

The jet rod is designed to keep the engine from longitudinal movements when the clutch is disengaged, the transfer case is turned on, or when the vehicle is braked.

The engine mount is shown in fig. 4

In the terms specified in the section "Maintenance of the vehicle", it is necessary to check the tightening of the nuts of the bolts of the front and rear engine mounts, as well as check the fastening of the jet thrust.

The tightening torque of the nuts of the bolts 8 of the rear suspension should be equal to 20-25 kgm, and the nuts of the bolts 4 and 12, respectively, of the front and rear suspensions 8-10 kgm.