Control diagnostics of the MAZ air suspension system using flashing light codes

If there are difficulties in identifying a malfunction, it is necessary to carry out a diagnostic check of the system using flashing light codes

To control the system using light flashing codes, it is necessary to turn the starter and instrument switch on the “instruments” position and switch the electronic unit to the diagnostic mode by pressing button 14 (Fig. 1).

Location of warning lamps on the MAZ dashboard

After 3 sec. after releasing the button, the first light code is issued in the form of two series of flashes (flashes) of the red control lamp 8.

In the first series, the light code is transmitted by light pulses lasting 2 seconds, in the second series - 0.5 seconds, the pause between pulses is 1 second. 3 sec between episodes

To read the code for the next error or fault, press button 14 again as described above.

DTCs are issued in ascending order of the number of light pulses (flashes) in the first series.

In this case, the number of flashes of the control lamp in the first series of light flashes indicates the location of the malfunction, and in the second series - the type of malfunction.

The light code of a fully functional system is 0-0, i.e. after pressing and releasing button 14, the control lamp 8 (Fig. 1) will not blink.

Light codes for major faults are shown in Table 1.

To erase error codes or malfunctions from the memory of the electronic unit after troubleshooting, you must:

  • —switch the lock for turning on the starter and devices to position “0” (“off”);
  • —press button 14 (fig.1);
  • —switch the lock for turning on the starter and instruments to the “instruments” position and release the button within 2–4 seconds.

After that, switch the starter switch to the “off” position.

If before erasing the error codes from the memory of the electronic unit, not all malfunctions were eliminated, then when the lock is turned on again to the “instruments” position, the codes of the remaining errors will be again recorded in the memory of the unit and can be called up in the diagnostic mode, as described above.< /p>

If the red control lamp does not go out after turning on the power and you cannot solve the problem yourself using the tables, you should contact a service station or a warranty center.

Before starting the control of the system, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the standard electrical equipment, the pneumatic system and the power supply fuses of the air suspension system.

The voltage of the on-board network and the pressure in the pneumatic system must correspond to the nominal values, the fuse links must be intact and correspond to the nominal value.

When replacing a fuse, be sure to use a fuse of the same rating!

Change fuses, control lamps and disconnect / connect cables and other switching devices only when the power (battery) of the car is turned off.

Light codes for possible malfunctions of the electronic air suspension control system

Error number - Faulty element of the system - Nature of the fault

  • 0-0 - System healthy
  • 0-1-6 - Control unit - Calibration error or electronic unit failure
  • 1-0-2 - Position sensor - Break or short circuit to positive onboard network
  • 1-4-6 - Position sensor - Circuit ground short
  • 2-0-4 - Valve block - Breakage or short circuit to positive onboard network
  • 3-0-4 - Valve block - Circuit ground fault
  • 4-0-2 - Encoder - Illegal signal value when lifting
  • 4-4-6 - Encoder - Illegal lowering signal value

Fuses for electronic systems

No. p / p - Purpose - Pos. - Denomination, A

  • 1 - Power supply for trailer system from terminal 30 of lock 2101.370400-11 - FU1 - 16
  • 2 - Reserve for system type EDC - FU2 - 8
  • 3 - Power supply for wheel modulators B, C of the tractor from terminal 30 of lock 2101.370400-11 - FU3 - 8
  • 4 - Power supply for wheel modulators A, D of the tractor from terminal 30 of lock 2101.370400-11 - FU4 - 8
  • 5 - Power supply for diagnostic equipment from terminal 30 of lock 2101.370400-11 - FU5 - 8
  • 6 - Reserve for ECAS - FU6 - 8
  • 7 - Reserved for ECAS - FU7 - 8
  • 8 - Power supply for the ABS warning lamps of the tractor and trailer ABS - FU8 - 8
  • 9 - Power supply of the trailer ABS infomodule from terminal 15 of lock 2101.370400-11 - FU9 – 8
  • 10 - System power topics of the ABS electronic unit of the tractor from terminal 15 of the lock 2101.370400-11 - FU10 - 8