The electrical diagram of the starting heater is shown in fig. 1

When the switch handle 8 is turned to position 1, the electric motor 5 of the pumping unit and the fuel solenoid valve 3 are switched on

The boiler is purged and the fuel is warmed up, i.e. the boiler is being prepared for operation.

Scheme of switching on the MAZ heater

This switch position is fixed, then the switch handle is moved to position 2, at which transistor switch 2 is additionally turned on.

Through candle 6, the fuel ignites and the heater starts to work.

Position 2 of switch handle 8 is not fixed.

After removing the hand from the handle, the latter returns to position 1, which is working when the heater is on all the time.

After the engine warms up, the switch handle is moved to position 3, at which the electric motor and the thermal electric heater operate, the boiler is purged.

Position 0 - all off.

The operation of the products of the heating system is easy to follow according to the indicated scheme.

Maintenance of the starting heater

During operation, an electric spark plug, a thermal electric heater and a fuel solenoid valve may fail. These products are non-separable and are replaced in case of failure.

The transistor switch is made on electronic elements, hermetically sealed, does not require maintenance and is also not repairable.

The electric motor of the pump unit is not serviced during operation.

Since the electric motor works for a short time, it ensures the normal operation of the heater during car runs during several overhauls.

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