Removing the camshaft

Remove the axial lock of the camshaft (650.1006236) by unscrewing 2 screws securing it (310145)

Remove the camshaft assembly with the gear.

Removing the camshaft bushings

Removing the YaMZ-650 camshaft bushings

Only in case of replacement, remove the bushings using tools 1281 + 1282 (see Fig. 1)

Disassembly of the camshaft

  • 1. Only in case of replacement, remove the gear (650.1006214) using a press.
  • 2. Remove key (314009).

Checking the details of the gas distribution mechanism

Check the camshaft for the following parameters:

  • - neck diameter;
  • - diameter of the seating surface for the camshaft gear;
  • - radial runout of the main bearings of the camshaft.

Camshaft assembly

Assembly of the YaMZ-650 camshaft

  • 1. Install the key in the groove of the camshaft.
  • 2. Heat the gear to 200˚ C (minimum heating time is 60 minutes).
  • 3. Install the gear (see Fig. 2).

Checking the camshaft YaMZ-650

  • 4. Check the gap at three points between the end of the camshaft bearing journal and the end of the gear hub, which should be no more than 5.4 mm (see Fig. 3).
  • 5. let cool.

Installing the camshaft

Installing the YaMZ-650 camshaft

  • 1. Cool the camshaft bushings in liquid nitrogen or 12 hours in a freezer.
  • 2. Install the bushings in the cylinder block, aligning the oil holes. To do this, use tools 1281 + 1282 (see Fig. 4a).

Installing the YaMZ-650 camshaft

  • 3. Lubricate the working surface of the bushings with engine oil.
  • 4. Install the camshaft, matching the marks (1-1) (see Fig. 5).
  • 5. Install the axial lock in the gap between the camshaft journal and the gear.

Installing the YaMZ-650 camshaft

  • 6. Fix the lock of the camshaft axial shaft (1) to the block through the holes in the gear with two screws (2) with a torque Mcr = 30 ± 6 Nm (apply Loctite 542 sealant to the bolt threads) (see Fig. 4B).
  • 7. Check the interdental and lateral clearance (see Fig. 6).

Tools for removing and installing the camshaft

1281 Puller 5000261281

1281 Puller 5000261281

1282 Punch 5000261282

1282 Punch 5000261282