Assemble the piston cooling nozzle (650.1004118) with gasket (650.1004121).

Install the nozzle, screw on the screws (310107) and tighten Mcr = 20 ± 4 Nm (see Fig.1)

Install the upper crankshaft bearing shells, aligning the lubrication holes and lubricating the working surface with oil.

Installing the YaMZ-650 piston cooling nozzle

Install the upper thrust half rings with a slot to the cheek of the crankshaft (see Fig. 2).

Install the crankshaft, having previously lubricated the connecting rod and main journals with oil.

Installation of thrust half rings YaMZ-650

Install the crankshaft bearing shells into the lower main bearing caps and lubricate the work surface with oil.

Install the crankshaft main bearing caps with liners, following the numbering.

Install the middle cover together with the semi-rings with the convex part to the cheek of the crankshaft (see Fig. 2).

The order of tightening the bolts of the caps of the main bearings of the crankshaft YaMZ-650

Fit the bolts and tighten to the recommended torque in the order shown in Fig. 3:

  • - ensure the first tightening by 80 ± 8 Nm;
  • - provide a second puff of 180˚ ± 6˚.

Dimensions and tolerances of the YaMZ-650 crankshaft

Check rotation.

Check the gap between the thrust half ring and the crankshaft web (see Fig. 4).

Adjust, if necessary, with half-rings of different thicknesses.

Be sure to replace those bolts whose length under the head exceeds 156 mm.

When reusing and reusing bolts, lubricate the threads with Loctite 518 sealant.

New bolts do not require lubrication, as they are already lubricated.

Crankshaft tightening torques

Crankshaft main bearing cap bolts:

  • - pre-tightening torque: 80 ± 8 Nm
  • - final tightening torque: 180 ± 6 Nm

Manual transmission flywheel bolts. Bolts are used only 2 times. Installation of bolts for the third time is not allowed.

  • - pre-tightening torque: 60 ± 6 Nm
  • - final tightening torque: 120 ± 6 Nm

Connecting rod cap bolts:

  • - pre-tightening torque: 80 ± 8 Nm
  • - final tightening torque: 90 ± 6 Nm

Damper mounting bolts on the hub:

  • - pre-tightening torque: 50 ± 5 Nm
  • - final tightening torque: 120 ± 12 Nm

Damper pulley bolts 67 ± 7 Nm