Disassembling the cardan shaft of the ZIL-5301 steering

The cardan shaft of the steering wears out very little and it should be disassembled only in case of mechanical damage to individual parts

Dismantling the joints of the cardan shaft of the steering with a cross mounted on needle bearings (Fig. 1) should be done in the same way as the joints of the cardan shafts of the car.

Disassembling the ZIL-5301 steering cardan shaft

To disassemble the spline connection, unscrew the nut 8 and remove the splined shaft 6 from the splined sleeve 9. Remove the seal 7 from the shaft 6.

Steering column disassembly

1. Install the steering column assembly on the workbench and fix it in a vice, holding it by the bracket 8 (Fig. 2).

Disassembling the ZIL-5301 steering cardan shaft

  • 2. Remove the protective covers of 37 switches and leave them hanging on the switch handles.
  • 3. Unscrew the screws 38 securing the halves of the casing and remove them, having previously removed the cover with the instrument and starter switch.
  • 4. Insert the key into the instrument and starter switch 40 and turn it to open the locking device.
  • 5. Unscrew the bolt 43 fastening the clamp 42 of the housing 41 of the locking device and remove the housing from the column together with the instrument and starter switch.
  • 6. If replacement is necessary, drill out three screws 39 securing the instrument switch and starter in the housing and, pressing the latch on the lock, remove the instrument and starter switch from housing 41.
  • 7. Unscrew the screws securing 10 the turn signal and light switch and the wiper switch to the column pipe bracket 44, holding the nuts 22 from turning, and remove the switches.
  • 8. Using handwheels 7 and 21, loosen the mechanisms for adjusting the column in height and angle.
  • 9. While holding the flywheel with your hand, loosen nuts 6 and 19, unscrew and remove flywheel 7, 21 and nuts 6, 19 and remove locking sleeve 18.
  • 10. Unscrew column stop 12 and screw 27 with washer 28 and remove tube 44 as an assembly.
  • 11. Clamp the pipe horizontally in a vise and unlock the washer 48 by bending its antennae to release the nut 47.
  • 12. Loosen nut 47, remove lock washer 48 and seal yoke 46 as an assembly. Lock the shaft when loosening the nut.
  • 13. Remove thrust 32 and expanding 31 rings.

Steering wheel puller

  • 14. Press shaft 29 out of column pipe 44 complete with bearing 45.
  • 15. Press bearing 30 out of the pipe and remove the pipe from the vise. Clamp column bracket 8 in a vice and remove thrust ring 3.
  • 16. Remove column axis 5 complete with adjusting screw 2 and clamp 1 from the bracket, simultaneously remove spring 14, remove sector 15.
  • 17. Take out the column housing 11.
  • 18. If necessary, unscrew stopper 13, remove rack 16 and spring 17.
  • 19. After replacement, tighten stopper 13. Before installation, lubricate the rail with grease GOST 4366-76.
  • 20. Remove the thrust ring 4, remove the adjusting screw 2 as an assembly with the clamp 1 from the column axis 5 and unscrew the screw from the clamp.

The steering wheel is removed using a puller mod 804,30.000-10 (Fig. 3) or a puller mod. 2495 in the following sequence: Unscrew nut 35 (see Fig. 2), install a puller on the column, then, turning the handle, compress the steering wheel.

Wash the parts of the steering column and blow them with compressed air. Rinse in detergent solution MC-6 or MC-8.