The device of the fuel priming and fuel priming pumps is shown in the figures

The fuel priming pump consists of an aluminum cylinder and a plastic piston with a rubber sealing ring and is designed to fill filters, fuel lines with fuel and remove air from the fuel system before starting the engine.

Diesel booster and booster pump D-245

Disassembly of the fuel priming pump

To disassemble the fuel priming pump, it is necessary to unscrew the bolts securing it to the injection pump, dismantle it from the pump and remove the pusher 92.

The guide bush 93 and the stem 94, which are a precision pair, must not be disassembled.

Diesel booster and booster pump D-245

Fix the fuel priming pump by the body in a vice with soft jaws with the handle-nut 81 up and unscrew the plug 98. Remove the spring 96, piston 95, rod 94 and stop 97 from the body 88.

To disassemble the fuel priming pump 91, unscrew the cover 82 and remove the piston 85 from the cylinder 83. Then unscrew the cylinder 83 and remove the inlet valve 86 from the housing 88.

Assemble in reverse order.