Oil filter with paper element ZIL-5301

On cars of the latest production series, instead of a centrifugal oil filter, an oil filter with a paper filter element is installed, shown in Fig. 1

To disassemble the filter and replace the filter element 9, do the following:

unscrew the filter assembly from housing 1;

Oil filter with paper element

  • 1. unscrew nut 15;
  • 2. remove cover 3 with gaskets 2 and 4;
  • 3. remove anti-drain valve 5, washer 6 and spring 7;
  • 4. pressing the clamp 14, move it inside the filter cap 8 by 3÷4 mm and turn it so that the three teeth of the clamp 14 are set against the grooves of the cap;
  • 5. remove clamp 14, filter element 9, bypass valve 10 and spring 11 from cap 8.

To unscrew the filter, the manufacturer recommends using a special key 245-1017071 or other available means.

After disassembling the filter, all its parts must be washed with diesel fuel.

The filter is assembled in reverse order.

Rubber gaskets 2 and 4 and anti-drainage valve 5 must be replaced with new ones, and gasket 2 should be lubricated with engine oil during assembly.

When installing the assembled cap 8 with the filter into the housing 1, after touching the gasket 2 of the housing, tighten the filter by another ¾ turn.

The filter is installed only by hand.

The safety valve 13 of the filter is adjusted to a pressure of 0.25÷0.35 MPa and serves to maintain the required oil pressure in the main oil line.

Reducing (radiator) valve 12 - unregulated, designed to bypass oil into the main oil line when starting a diesel engine, bypassing the radiator.

The bypass valve 10 is adjusted to a pressure of 0.13 ÷ 0.17 MPa, it opens when the filter element is heavily clogged or when starting a cold diesel engine with a significant oil viscosity.

Adjustment during operation is not required.

It is possible to install a non-separable oil filter mod. FM 009-1012005, which is replaced when changing the engine oil.

Instead of the above filter, it is allowed to install other filter cartridges of a non-separable type, with anti-drainage and bypass valves, having the following parameters:

  • diameter - 95÷105 mm;
  • height 140÷160 mm;
  • Fitting thread - ¾ - 16 UNF.