Kamaz car clutch drive

Clutch drive remote, hydraulic with pneumatic booster.

The pneumatic booster makes it much easier for the driver to disengage and hold the clutch in the disengaged state.

The drive consists of a clutch pedal 1 (Fig. 1) with a release spring 11, a main cylinder 2, an air booster 18, tubes 6 and hoses for supplying working fluid from the master cylinder to the clutch booster, a tube 13 for supplying compressed air from the brake pneumatic drive to clutch booster, as well as from tank 5, which provides control over the fluid level.

KAMAZ clutch drive

When the clutch is disengaged, the force of the driver's foot through the pedal, lever and rod is transmitted to the main cylinder 2 (Fig. 1), from where the liquid under pressure through pipelines 10 enters the body of the follower 4, which at the same time provides compressed air supplied through air line 5 into the pneumatic booster cylinder 3.

At the same time, pressurized fluid from the main cylinder enters the working hydraulic cylinder 6 of the booster.

The tracking device, the pneumatic booster cylinder and the working hydraulic cylinder are made in one unit - the pneumatic hydraulic booster.

The total force, determined by the air pressure in the pneumatic booster cylinder and the fluid pressure in the working cylinder, is transmitted to the rod 9 and through the lever 8, the release shaft and the sleeve ensures the movement of the clutch with the bearing 7, necessary to disengage the clutch.

Kamaz car clutch drive diagram

A more extended scheme is shown in Figure 2.