The mixer is designed to prepare a gas-air mixture, regulate the gas supply and, ultimately, obtain a given crankshaft speed; represents a cylindrical body 2 (Fig. 1), in which a diffuser 1 is inserted

A collector in the form of radial holes is made in the diffuser for gas supply.

Mixer, compressor air cleaner

Mixer, compressor air cleaner

Compressor air cleaner

On KamAZ gas-diesel engines, air is taken into the brake pneumatic drive compressor from the atmosphere.

A dry type air cleaner is used to clean the atmospheric air from dust.

It consists of body 2 (Fig. 2), cover 5, filter elements 3 and 4. The cover is attached to the body at two points with a screw, nut and washer.

The air in the air cleaner is cleaned by filter elements 3 and 4.

Filter element 4 is made of Sipron non-woven glued fabric, filter element 3 is made of IFPHD filter fabric (needle-punched filter fabric for diesel air cleaners).

Air, getting from under the cover into the first filter element 4, is cleaned of large particles and enters the second filter element 3 for finer cleaning.

Cleaned air enters the compressor through the sleeve and pipe.


Procedure for disassembling and assembling carburetors K-151V, K-151E and K-151U Disassemble the carburetor in the following sequence:

Carburetor K-151V (Fig. 1) - vertical, emulsion, two-chamber, with a falling mixture flow and sequential opening of the throttle valves