In a gas-cylinder installation, when the engine is running in gas-diesel mode, the gas pressure decreases from 20 MPa to atmospheric, which is accompanied by its cooling

This, in turn, can cause the formation of plugs from the moisture and carbon dioxide contained in the gas.

To prevent this phenomenon, before reduction, gas heating is used, which is carried out due to the heat of the liquid of the cooling system.

Gas diesel heater

The heater consists of a housing 8 (Fig. 1), a heat exchange element 7, branch pipes, fittings 5 ​​and 9.

The inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the engine cooling system.

As a result of the circulation of the liquid in the heater body, the gas is heated.

Fluid from the cooling system is taken from the left water pipe and drained into the thermostat box.

Cock 4 is used to drain water from the heater in winter, if it is used in the engine cooling system instead of antifreeze.