We replace cylinder head gaskets when there is a leak of coolant and oil at the connection of the cylinder head to the cylinder block.

To complete the work we will need the following tools: wrenches 8x10, 12x13, 17x19, 22x24, 27x30, replaceable heads for 13, 14, 17, 19 mm, wrench, wrench blade, screwdriver, chisel, hammer, flat scraper, jack, stand , containers for fuel, oil and coolant, torque wrench.

First of all, disconnect the electrical wires from the batteries.

Drain the coolant.

Remove the bolts and remove the cover of the front hatch of the clutch housing.

Raise the front of the car and install a stand under the first cross member of the frame.

How to replace 740 Kamaz diesel cylinder head gaskets

Using a 14mm socket and a wrench, unscrew the drainage pipeline (return), Figure 1.

How to replace 740 Kamaz diesel cylinder head gaskets

Unscrew the high pressure pipes from the engine injectors.

How to replace 740 Kamaz diesel cylinder head gaskets

Unscrew the high pressure pipes from the injection pump, Figure 3.

How to replace 740 Kamaz diesel cylinder head gaskets

Loosen the tightening of the exhaust manifold bolts (Fig. 4).

Remove the intake manifolds.

Use a 13mm socket to unscrew the bolts and disconnect the flange of the thermostat box.

We unscrew the bolts securing the water pipes and use a mounting spatula to separate the pipes from the cylinder heads.

Removing valve covers: 1 - valve cover mounting bolt; 2 - valve cover; 3 - valve cover gasket

Unscrew bolts 1 (Fig. 5) securing the cylinder head covers and remove covers 2 with gaskets 3.

On the heads of the fourth and eighth cylinders, you need to unscrew the nuts securing the rocker arms and remove the racks assembled with the rocker arms and the clamps of the rocker arms and push rods.

Tightening diagram for cylinder head bolts; 1-4 - bolts

Using a 19mm socket, loosen the cylinder head bolts in the sequence shown in Figure 6, then unscrew them, remove the heads and mark their numbers.

Do not place the head on the mating plane, so as not to damage the injector nozzles.

We take out the pusher rods and place them in accordance with the numbers of the cylinder heads.

Remove the cylinder head gaskets: sealing and steel for the gas joint.

We clean the mating surfaces of the cylinder heads and cylinder block from carbon deposits and scale.

Installing cylinder head gaskets

Install gaskets on the cylinder block.

We install new steel cylinder head gaskets on the upper end of the liners (before installation, lubricate the steel gaskets with engine oil).

Install the push rods, screw in the adjusting screws.

Blow out the threaded holes, remove dirt and blow with compressed air.

Install the cylinder heads, centering them along the block pins, while making sure that the thermal clearance adjusting screws fit into the rod tips.

Before screwing in the head bolts, lubricate the threaded part of the bolts with graphite grease mixed with engine oil.

Tighten the head bolts in three steps in the sequence shown in Figure 6:

  • - first dose – 39.2-49.1 Nm (4-5 kgcm);
  • - second dose – 117.7-147.2 Nm (12-15 kgcm);
  • - third reception – 156.9-176.5 Nm (16-18 kgcm).

We adjust the thermal clearances in the valve mechanism. The gap size for intake valves is 0.25-0.30, for exhaust valves 0.35-0.40 mm.

Install the front clutch housing cover.

Screw in the bolts securing the exhaust manifolds.

Install the head covers with gaskets and secure them with bolts and flat washers.

Install the water pipe gaskets, water pipes assembled with the connecting pipe, tighten with bolts and flat washers.

Attach the flange of the thermostat box with bolts and flat and spring washers.

Install the intake manifolds and connect the pipelines to the heads.

Remove the stand from under the front of the car and fill in the coolant.

Connect the electrical wires to the battery.

Start the engine and check the operation of the gas distribution mechanism.