Mechanisms of the engine retarder with dampers of the throttle type of the Kamaz car

installed in the exhaust pipes of the muffler and serve to block the flow sections of the exhaust manifolds in order to put the engine into braking mode

Each mechanism consists of a housing 1 with a spherical cavity, a damper 3, a shaft 4 with a rotary lever 2 connected to the pneumatic cylinder rod.

Engine retarder mechanism

Fig.1. Engine retarder mechanism: 1 - body, 2 - lever, 3 - throttle, 4 - damper shaft

The lever and associated damper have two fixed positions - along the exhaust gas flow, which does not prevent their exit when the brake is off, and across the flow when the latter is turned on, which creates back pressure in the exhaust manifolds.

Simultaneously with the blocking of the passage sections of the exhaust manifolds, the fuel supply is stopped and the engine starts to work in braking mode.