If an oil leak through the oil pan gasket cannot be eliminated by tightening its fastening bolts, then the gasket is severely deformed and must be replaced

Perform work on a lift or a viewing hole.

You will need wrenches for 12,14,17 (sockets), extension, universal joints.

Remove the engine mudguard.

Drain the oil.

ZMZ-406 timing chain replacementZMZ-406 timing chain replacement

With a 14 head, we unscrew the four bolts securing the clutch crankcase amplifier to the block.

With keys 14 and 17, we unscrew the two bolts securing the amplifier to the clutch housing

Replacing the pan gasketZMZ-406 timing chain replacement

Unscrew the nut of the oil cooler drain hose and disconnect the hose from the oil sump fitting and remove the amplifier.

ZMZ-406 timing chain replacementZMZ-406 timing chain replacement

We unscrew four nuts with a head of 13 and a key of 12 eleven bolts securing the oil pan to the cylinder block.

Carefully, trying not to damage the gasket, remove the pallet from the studs and put it on the beam.

Replacing the pan gasketPan gasket replacement

Remove the gasket from the cylinder block studs.

Before installing a new gasket, degrease the pressure surface of the oil sump and cylinder block, then install the gasket in place.

Install the oil sump and tighten the bolts and nuts securing to the cylinder block evenly in a criss-cross pattern as shown

Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

Fill engine oil.