Oil change interval is 60,000 km

It is recommended to drain the oil immediately after the trip

Before draining the oil, clean the breather from contamination.

Place a container under the gearbox oil drain hole.

Gearbox oil change

Unscrew oil drain plug 1 and drain the oil. Screw in oil drain plug 1 and unscrew oil filler plug 2.

If the drained oil is heavily contaminated or contains mechanical impurities, do the following:

  • - pour 0.9 l of flushing oil into the crankcase and install the oil filler plug in place;
  • - hang one or both wheels, engage 1st gear and start the engine for 2–3 minutes;
  • - drain flushing oil;
  • - wipe the oil drain plug and put it back in place.

Fill the gearbox housing with fresh oil using a syringe.

Fill up to the level of the oil filler hole (1.2 l).

Reinstall the oil filler plug.

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We install the car on a flyover or a viewing ditch.

Drain the gearbox oil immediately after the trip, before it cools down.

Oil change in GAZ-3110 gearboxOil change in GAZ-3110 gearbox

Unscrew the drain plug with a 12 hex wrench and drain the oil into a wide container with a volume of at least two liters.

If the used oil is dark in color or metal particles are visible in it, we flush the gearbox, for which we install the drain plug in place, cleaning its magnet from steel chips.

Oil change in GAZ-3110 gearboxOil change in GAZ-3110 gearbox

Then, with a 12 hex wrench, we unscrew the filler plug on the right side of the crankcase (for a car with a ZMZ-406 engine) or on the left (with a ZMZ-402 engine).

Oil change in GAZ-3110 gearbox

Pour about one liter of a mixture of gear or engine oil with 20-30% kerosene or diesel fuel into the box with an oil syringe and put the filler plug in place.

Substituting stops under the front wheels, hang out the rear wheel or the entire axle.

Having switched on the first gear, we start the engine for 2-3 minutes.

Having installed the machine on the wheels, completely drain the flushing oil (draining time is at least 5 minutes).

Having cleaned the drain plug again, we wrap it with a key in place.

Having unscrewed the filler plug, fill the gearbox with fresh gear oil with an oil syringe to the level of the filler hole (1.2 l).

Having installed the filler plug in place, we wrap it with a key. Instead of a syringe, you can use a funnel with a hose.