Mount the vehicle on a lift or a pit

Remove shock absorber.

Disconnect the anti-roll bar link from the spring cup.

If the vehicle is in a ditch, apply the parking brake, chock the rear wheels, raise the front of the vehicle and place it on jack stands.

Install a jack (preferably hydraulic) under the spring cup and, lifting the cup with it, load the spring.

If the car is mounted on a lift, then place a stable support under the spring cup and, carefully lowering the car, load the spring.

Disconnect the lower control arm mounting from the front suspension strut.

Slowly and carefully relieve the spring by lowering the jack if the vehicle is on a ditch, or raising the vehicle if it is on a hoist.

After the spring is completely unloaded, remove the jack or support.

GAZ-3110 suspension spring replacement

Press down the lower arms and remove the spring with rubber seal.

Clean the spring from dirt and check it carefully.

If there are cracks or deformation of the coils, replace the spring. Replace defective rubber seal.


GAZ-3110 suspension spring replacement

Install a rubber gasket on the upper polished end of the spring.

GAZ-3110 suspension spring replacement

When installing, the lower end of the spring should rest against the protrusion of the spring cup.

According to the stiffness of the spring, they are divided into four groups, which are indicated by the number of notches at the lower end. The more marks, the “lighter” the spring.

Springs of the same group are installed on the car.