The water separator is designed to separate condensate from compressed air and automatically remove it from the power supply of the brake drive

The dehumidifier device is shown in the figure

Installation and replacement of the water separator of a KamAZ vehicle

Compressed air from the compressor through inlet II is supplied to a finned aluminum cooler tube (radiator) I, where it is constantly cooled by a flow of oncoming air.

Then, the air passes through the centrifugal guide discs of the guide vane 4 through the hole of the hollow screw 3 in the housing 2 to terminal I and further into the pneumatic brake actuator.

The moisture released due to the thermodynamic effect, flowing down through the filter 5, accumulates in the bottom cover 7.

When the regulator is activated, the pressure in the dehumidifier drops, while the membrane 6 moves up.

The condensate drain valve 8 opens, the accumulated mixture of water and oil is removed to the atmosphere through port III.

Compressed air flow direction shown by arrows on body 2.

Replacing the water separator

We replace the water separator in case of the following malfunctions:

  • - leakage, an external sign is an incessant air leak in the places where the case is disconnected from the cover;
  • - unrecoverable air leak through the atmospheric outlet in filling mode;
  • - cracks, mechanical damage to the body of the water separator, disrupting its operation

To complete the task, you will need tools: keys 13x17, 22x24, 24x27

Removing the water separator

Raise the cab front panel

Using a 22 wrench, we unscrew the union nuts of the pipelines

Using a 27 key, we unscrew the fittings with gaskets

Using keys 17 and 13, we unscrew the four bolts securing the bracket to the water separator

Water separator installation

We install the water separator on the brackets by screwing four bolts

Install the gaskets and screw in the fittings

We connect the pipelines by wrapping the union nuts

Disassembling and assembling the water separator

To work, you need tools: a vise, keys for 10, 13, a screwdriver, pliers, dishes for washing and greasing

Water Separator Disassembly and Assembly

Disassembly of the water separator

Using a 13 wrench, unscrew the bolts 13 and disconnect the bracket 4 from the water separator

Unscrew bolts 2 with a 10 wrench, disconnect pipe 1 from the water separator and remove ring 5

With a 13 wrench, unscrew the bolts 23 and disconnect the cover 25 from the body 6, remove the seal 28 and the thrust ring 17

We remove the piston assembly 31 from the cover and disassemble it: remove the retaining ring 18, washer 19, disk 21, membrane 22, spring 30, sealing ring 29, spool 27. Remove valve 26 from the spool, and remove the ring from disk 21 20

Remove retaining ring 11, valve 8, piston 14 with o-rings 9, 10, spring 7

We take out the stopper 16 from the body 6, guide discs 15

We wash the parts of the water separator in diesel fuel and blow it with compressed air

Water separator assembly

In the body 6 we install guide discs 15 and fix them with a stopper 16

We install housing 6 to the pressure regulator, spring 7, valve 8, piston 14 with o-rings 9, 10 into the outlet and fix it with a retaining ring 11

Note: before installation, lubricate the working surface of the piston 14 with Ciatim-221 grease

On the spool 27 we install the valve 26, the ring 29, the spring 30, the piston 31. On the piston we install the membrane 22, the membrane disk 21 with the ring 20, the washer 19 and the retaining ring 18

We install the piston assembly, thrust ring 18 and seal in the cover 25

We connect the body 6 and the cover 25 by screwing in the bolts 23

Connect pipe 1 to the water separator by installing ring 5 and screwing in bolts 2

We attach bracket 4 to the water separator by screwing in bolts 13