Brake chamber type 24 is designed to actuate the brake mechanisms of the front wheels of the car.

The cavity above the membrane through fitting 5 is connected to the supply line of the front axle wheel brake drive circuit, the cavity below it is connected to the atmosphere through drainage holes in housing 3.

Kamaz brake chamber

When braking, compressed air is supplied through the fitting 8 in the cover 7 into the chamber cavity. Membrane 10, bending, moves the rod 5 and rotates the expanding fist through the adjusting lever.

The latter presses the pads against the brake drum with a force that is proportional to the pressure of the compressed air supplied to the brake chamber.

When releasing (when the pressure in the brake chamber is released), the rod with the disc returns to its original position under the action of the return spring 11 and turns the adjusting lever with an open fist, releasing the brake pads.

The latter, under the action of the coupling springs, move away from the brake drum.