The exhaust system is designed to release exhaust gases into the atmosphere

The system consists of two exhaust manifolds 9, two exhaust pipes 7 and 8, a flexible metal hose 5, a muffler 1.

KAMAZ exhaust system

Each exhaust manifold serves a bank of cylinders and is attached to the cylinder block with three bolts.

The manifolds are connected to the cylinder heads by branch pipes.

Detachable execution of the manifold-pipe-head connection allows you to compensate for thermal deformations that occur during engine operation.

The exhaust pipes are connected by a tee: and connected to the muffler by a flexible metal sleeve, which compensates for assembly errors and temperature deformations of the system parts.

Auxiliary engine brake damper is installed in each downpipe.

KAMAZ exhaust silencer

Exhaust silencer (Fig. 2) active-reactive, non-separable design.

An active muffler works on the principle of converting sound energy into thermal energy, which is carried out by installing perforated partitions on the gas path, in the holes of which the lawn flow is crushed and the pulsation is damped.

A reactive silencer uses the principle of acoustic sound filtering. This muffler is a series of acoustic chambers connected in series

At the exhaust pipe of the muffler of the KamAZ-55111 dump truck, an exhaust pipe 2 is installed, designed to heat the platform with exhaust gases in the cold season

55111 Dump Truck Exhaust System

When operating a dump truck in the cold season, to heat the platform, remove the plug from the vertical muffler pipe and install it between the tee pipe and the exhaust pipe.

In the warm season, install a plug on the vertical muffler pipe, removing it from the tee pipe