The gap in the engagement of the working pair is considered acceptable if the play at the lower end of the bipod with the wheels positioned for moving in a straight line with adjusted propeller bearings is not more than 0.3 mm

If the backlash exceeds this value, then it is necessary to adjust the engagement of the nut-sector pair, since the operation of the car with excessive backlash leads to failure of the steering mechanism.

GAZ-2705 steering pair clearance

The sequence of operations for checking the engagement of the pair is as follows:

- put the wheels in the position of movement in a straight line and by turning the steering wheel, align the mark “C” at the end of the screw with the edge “B” of the top cover 9 (the mark “O " should be at the bottom);

- disconnect the tie rod from the bipod;

- shaking the bipod with your hand, determine the play at its end (in this case, the axial play of the screw should not be felt).

If the bipod play is greater than 0.3 mm, adjust the engagement of the pair in the following order:

- remove the steering mechanism from the car;

- remove two plugs 20 on the crankcase near the sector shaft;

- disconnect the bipod 18, remove the two covers 17 and 19 and the sponge seal 16 of the sector shaft;

- straighten the holes on the bearings of the shaft-sector 3 with a beard;

- adjust the engagement of the nut with the sector by simultaneously turning the outer rings 15 in the crankcase holes clockwise from the side of the splines on the sector shaft.

When adjusting, exclude the possibility of misalignment of the shaft-sector in the outer rings (wrong orientation of the bearing eccentricities).

The torque of the screw on the adjusted mechanism should be 1—1.8 Nm (10—18 kgf/cm):

- fix the bearings of the shaft-sector from rotation by bending the shoulder on the bearings into the holes on the crankcase;

- re-check the torque of the screw and the play at the end of the steering arm;

- install two plugs 20 on the crankcase, a sponge seal 16 of the shaft-sector (lubricating it and the shaft-sector under it with grease), two covers 17 and 19 and bipod 18;

- install the steering mechanism on the car;

- connect the tie rod to the bipod and cotter pin.

On the new steering gears, the screw turning torque has been increased (to compensate for the running-in of parts) to 1.8±0.35 Nm (183.5 kgf/cm).

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