Rubber-metal hinges and rubber cushions must be replaced in case of ruptures and one-sided bulging of rubber, as well as when their end surfaces are trimmed

Suspensions on rubber parts are not allowed:

  • - signs of rubber aging;
  • - mechanical damage.

On rubber-metal hinges (silent blocks) the following are not allowed:

  • - signs of aging, cracks, one-sided bulging of the rubber mass;
  • - separation of the rubber mass from the reinforcement.

Replace defective parts.

Look at the article - “Repair of the front beam of the GAZ-2705

Pulling the vehicle to the side:

- Different pressure in the tires of the front wheels

Bring the tire pressure up to normal

- There is a big difference in the longitudinal inclination angles of the kingpin on the right and left sides

Check for twisting of the front suspension beam or settling of the front springs, wear of the bushing pins

- Big difference in the camber angles of the left and right wheels

Check for deflection of the beam or wear of the pins and bushings.

If bent is detected, correct the beam.

- Different tightening of the front wheel hub bearings

Check and adjust the tightness of the wheel bearings

- Non-parallelism of the axes of the front and rear axles

Check the relative position of the axles of the front and rear axles by measuring the distance between the centers of the wheels on the right and left sides.

If a difference is detected, find the cause and eliminate it.

Wobbling of the front wheels:

- Imbalance of wheels and tires assembly

Replace or balance a wheel that has a large imbalance

- Increased wear in the steering rod joints

Replace worn hinges

Accelerated lateral wear of the tire tread:

- Incorrect wheel toe value

Check whether the tie rod or steering linkage arms are bent, and whether there is any play in the tie rod joints.

Straighten bent parts, replace worn hinges.

Adjust wheel toe, article - “Checking and adjusting front wheel alignment angles

Uneven tire tread wear:

- Large imbalance of the wheel and tire assembly

Replace or balance the wheel

Knocks when moving

- Large axial play of the kingpin

Check the gap between the upper knuckle boss and the beam boss.

Bring the gap to 0.15 mm, no more, by installing an adjusting steel shim.

If necessary, replace the thrust bearing.

- Radial play of the kingpin in the bushings

Replace the king pin and bushings

- Insufficient tightening of the front wheel hub bearings or destruction of the bearings

Adjust the tightness of the bearings. Replace damaged bearings. We look at the article - “Front wheel hub

- Gaps in the conical connections of the steering rod fingers

Tighten the pin fastening nuts