The cardan shaft has two hinges. The cardan joint consists of 4 needle bearings installed in the forks and secured with circlips 2, and a cross 3 inserted into the bearings

During assembly, 1.8-2.0 g of grease 158, MRTU 12N No. 139-64 are put into each needle bearing during assembly. rubber rings 5 ​​are used to prevent dirt from entering the swivel joint.

ZIL-131 Steering Cardan Shaft

The cardan shaft has a sliding spline connection, which makes it possible to change the distance between the hinges when the cab oscillates relative to the frame.

The splined joint is lubricated with the grease it contains, which must be replaced in accordance with the lubrication map.

Before assembly, the splines are lubricated with a thin layer, and 18-20 g of the grease indicated in the grease map is placed in the bushing.

A felt ring 8 and a rubber ring 7 are supplied to retain lubricant and protect the joint from contamination.

ZIL-131 steering

The propeller shaft forks are fastened to the steering gear screw and the steering column shaft with wedges 9 (see Fig. 2).

Needle bearings do not require lubrication.

In the event of disassembly for any reason, the above amount of grease should be put into each bearing.

When assembling the cardan shaft, it is necessary to ensure that the holes in the forks for the mounting wedges are in parallel planes and are located as shown in the figure; at the same time, the axes of the holes of both forks for the bushings must lie in the same plane.

Retaining rings 2 must be firmly seated in the grooves of the bearings. The cardan shaft should be installed in such a way that the fork with the slotted sleeve is at the top.

Steering column

ZIL-131 steering column

The steering column is attached in the lower part to the floor of the cab, and in the upper part - to the front shield and with the help of braces to the inner panel of the cab.

The steering shaft 7 rotates in special ball bearings 4 located in the pipe 5 of the column.

The axial clearance in the ball bearings is adjusted with a nut 1. The tightening torque of the nut 12 of the steering wheel should be 6-8 kgm.

Spontaneous unscrewing of the nut is prevented by bending the tab of the lock washer 2 into the groove of the nut.

Ball bearings are lubricated with the grease put into them during assembly.

Grease should be changed every time the steering column is disassembled.