Removing the power cylinder from the vehicle

Removal order;

- disconnect the hoses, after draining the oil from the tank;

- unscrew the nut 1, plug 19 and press the ball pin out of the longitudinal steering rod using a puller (Fig. 1) as follows:

Power Steering Cylinder Tip Puller

  • 1. Unpin and unscrew the power cylinder mounting nut.
  • 2. Insert the grips of the puller at the tip of the longitudinal rod.
  • 3. Fix the grips with the puller tie screw.
  • 4. By turning the stop screw, dismantle the cylinder tip:
  • - unscrew the nut and remove the locking bolt at the place where the cylinder is attached to the frame bracket;
  • —knock out the pin securing the cylinder to the frame bracket and remove the cylinder.

Cylinder disassembly

The order of disassembly is as follows:

  • - fix the cylinder in a vice on the pipe 9 (Fig. 2) closer to the base 14. In order to avoid deformation of the pipe, the clamping force should be insignificant;

Power cylinder of MAZ car

  • - unscrew the bolts and remove the plate 18;
  • —move the cover 8 inside the pipe 9 so far as to remove the retaining half rings 6;
  • —pull the stem 10 together with the cover 8 out of the body;
  • — remove the piston 11 from the rod, and then the cap;
  • — unscrew the nut of the coupling bolt 5, knock out the pin 4 and unscrew the stem from the handpiece body 3.

After disassembling the parts of the power cylinder, carefully inspect.

On the working surfaces of the piston and cylinder there should be no scoring. The fluoroplastic ring 13 must not be damaged (cracks, tears, etc.).

The working edge of the cuff 16 should not have breaks.

A gap in the connection of the rod with the tip 3, as well as cracks and scuffs on the working surfaces of the spherical bearing are not allowed.

Cylinder assembly

Assemble the cylinder in the following order:

  • - screw the stem into the body of the tip 3 and tighten it (tightening torque 98-118 Nm). Install the pin, center it in the handpiece body on both sides and tighten the nut of the coupling bolt 5.

When replacing the stem or handpiece body, drill a hole for the pin:

  • - put plate 18, wiper 17, cover 8 on the rod and fix the piston on the rod;
  • — install the rod into the pipe so that you can insert the retaining half rings 6 into the annular groove;
  • - fix plate 18 on the cover so that it fits snugly against the pipe hearth. The wiper 17 should have some freedom of movement along the stem.

Install the cylinder on the car in the reverse order of removal; fill the system with oil.


Repair of the crankshaft consists of regrinding the main and connecting rod journals to the next repair size

The hydraulic clutch release (Fig. 1) of vehicles of the UAZ-31512 family consists of a suspended pedal 19, a master cylinder 5, a hydraulic pipe 4, a hydraulic hose 24 and a working cylinder 25