Hydraulic cylinder of Kamaz lifting mechanism

The hydraulic cylinder of the lifting mechanism is telescopic, single-acting. Retractable links are placed in the hydraulic cylinder body, the course of which is limited by thrust rings

The direction of the retractable links is set in the lower part by guide half rings, and in the upper part by brass bushings, which are held by retaining rings.

The outer surfaces of the extenders are chrome plated and polished.

Retractable links are sealed with rubber cuffs located between spacers and protective rings.

The cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is protected from dust and dirt from outside by wipers.

Platform lifting hydraulic cylinder Kamaz - 5511

In the upper part of the last plunger, a ball head is fixed, the spherical part of which forms a movable connection with the hydraulic cylinder support.

Platform lifting hydraulic cylinder Kamaz - 55102

The support liner is made of powder material, which ensures the operation of this connection without periodic lubrication.

The hydraulic cylinder of the KamAZ-5511 has another ball head of a similar design, fixed in the bottom.