The car is equipped with two rectangular headlights with a halogen double-filament lamp AKG12-60 + 55-1, 55/60 W (dipped / main beam) and a side light A12 with a power of 4 W

On some cars, an electric headlight corrector is installed, which allows you to adjust the direction of the beams depending on the load of the car.

The electric corrector control knob is located on the instrument panel on the left side.

Side lights, instrument lighting and headlights are switched on by the central light switch, which has a resistor to adjust the brightness of the instrument lighting.

The headlights are switched from low to high by the left steering column switch through the PC711 relay, which is installed in the relay box.

Replacing a headlight bulb

  • 1. Disconnect the wire from the "negative" terminal of the battery.
  • 2. Turn to either side and remove cover 1 of headlight housing.

GAZ-3110 headlightsGAZ-3110 headlights

  • 3. Disconnect the block with wires from the lamp socket.
  • 4. Depress spring clip

Replacing a GAZ-3110 headlight bulb

  • 2. Remove socket 1 with bulb.
  • 5. Replace the lamp, insert the cartridge into place and fix it with a spring clip.

When installing a halogen lamp, in order to prolong its service life, you should not touch the bulb with your fingers, take the lamp by the bulb only with clean gloves or with a clean rag.

  • 6. Connect the block with wires to the cartridge and install the headlight housing cover.

Replacing the clearance lamp

  • 1. Disconnect the wire from the "negative" terminal of the battery.
  • 2. Turn to either side and remove the headlight housing cover.

Replacing a GAZ-3110 size bulb

  • 3. Remove the cartridge by turning it 90°. Replace the bulb, insert the socket into place and turn 90°. Install the headlight housing cover.

Removing the headlight

1. Disconnect the wire from the "negative" terminal of the battery.

GAZ-3110 headlights

2. Disconnect the blocks with wires from connector 1 on the headlight housing and from the corrector 2.

GAZ-3110 headlights

3. Unscrew the bolt 1 securing the headlight bracket to the body, unscrew the two bolts 2 of the upper headlight mounting and remove the headlight


Install the headlight in the reverse order of removal. After installation, you need to adjust the headlights

Light adjustment

Screen layout for headlight adjustment.

1. Mark the screen as shown in the figure. In this case, the line of the centers of the headlights M should be drawn on the screen at a distance h equal to the height of the centers of the headlights above the floor level.

Distance h must be measured with the vehicle equipped with an additional weight of 75 kg in the driver's seat.

GAZ-3110 headlights

  • 2. Check and, if necessary, adjust the tire pressure.
  • 3. Place the car on a horizontal platform perpendicular to the screen at a distance of 5 m. In this case, the longitudinal plane of symmetry of the car should pass along line 0 on the screen.
  • 4. Set the headlight range adjustment knob located in the instrument cluster to position "0".
  • 5. Turn on low beam.
  • 6. The direction of the light spot is recommended to be adjusted for each headlight separately. Cover the second headlight with an opaque material during adjustment.

GAZ-3110 headlight adjustment

  • 7. Use screws 1 (in the horizontal plane) and 2 (in the vertical plane) to manually adjust the beam of light to adjust the position of the light spot for each headlight on the screen, if the location of the light spots on the screen does not match the picture.
  • 8. The headlights are considered adjusted when the upper borders of the left parts of the light spots coincide with the line N, and the vertical lines A and B pass through points C1 and C2 of the intersection of horizontal and inclined sections of light spots.

Electrical diagram of low and high beam