Many questions are asked regarding the installation of the wiring diagram for the ZIL bull. Therefore, I had to make a wiring diagram for turn signal wiring from old wiring

By the color of the wires you can easily understand which wire goes where.

I didn’t install the direction indicators themselves, so you can guess that they are connected to the connectors.

Wiring diagram of turn signals: 1 - fuse in a case. Located on the left side under the instrument panel; 2 - plug connectors for turn signals; 3, 8 - turn signal repeaters; 4 - lilac wire going to the dashboard connector; 5 - turn signal relay; 6 - alarm; 7 - steering column switch;

Fig. 1. Installation diagram of turn signals and hazard warning lights ZIL-5301 (Bull).

The circuit includes:

Relay 572.37777 12V analogue RS 950P

1. Relay 572.37777 12V analogue RS 950P.

Installed on the right side of the instrument panel on the reverse side next to the bimetallic fuses

Steering column switch TU 37.003 1336-87

2. Steering column switch TU 37.003 1336-87.

Hazard alarm button 245.3710

3. Emergency button 245.3710

Fuse type 6 A PR119-01

4. Fuse type 6 A PR119-01 is installed on the left side behind the instrument panel.

If the turn signals fail, then first of all you need to look at this fuse