Removal and installation of the engine on vehicles of the UAZ-31512 family

Before removing the engine from a pit-mounted vehicle, do the following:

1. Drain the liquid from the cooling system and the oil from the crankcase.

2. Remove the air filter.

3. Disconnect the front muffler pipe from the engine.

4. Disconnect the hoses of the cooling system, heater and oil cooler from the engine.

5. Disconnect and remove the radiator of the cooling system.

6. Disconnect the air and throttle control rods from the carburetor.

7. Disconnect all electrical wires from the engine.

8. Disconnect the clutch release slave cylinder and connecting rod from the clutch housing.

9. Remove the bolts securing the front engine mount pads together with the lower mount pads

Removing the engine from the car

Fig. 1. Removing the engine from the car

10. Install a special bracket on the second and fourth studs of the head of the block (Fig. 1), counting from the front end of the block.

11. After lifting the engine with a jack, disconnect the gearbox from the engine.

12. Lift the engine and remove it from the car, while the gearbox with transfer case will remain on the car frame.

Install the engine on the car in reverse order.

The engine can be removed by lowering it along with the gearbox and transfer case, and the cross member must be removed. This method is much more difficult than the first.

Features of removing and installing the engine on UAZ wagon-mounted vehicles

To remove the engine you need:

Remove the seats and hood cover.

Open the hatch in the cabin roof, pass the hook with the cable (chain) of the lifting mechanism through it and hook the hook into the bracket.

Lift up the engine a little and disconnect it from the gearbox.

To make it easier to remove the engine, install a board in the doorway that will not sag under the weight of the engine.

Lift the engine into the opening of the hood with a lifting mechanism and, being careful, remove it through the doorway along the board.

Install the engine in reverse order.


Procedure for disassembling and assembling carburetors K-151V, K-151E and K-151U Disassemble the carburetor in the following sequence:

Carburetor K-151V (Fig. 1) - vertical, emulsion, two-chamber, with a falling mixture flow and sequential opening of the throttle valves