The car's suspension consists of four longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, working together with double-acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers

The front springs of cars of the UAZ-31512 family consist of 8 sheets, the rear springs - of 7 or 9 sheets, depending on the configuration

The front and rear springs of cars of the UAZ-3741 family are the same and interchangeable, they consist of 13 sheets.

The fastening of the front and rear springs is similar.

Front suspension for cars of the UAZ-31512 family

Fig. 1. Front suspension of cars of the UAZ-31512 family

Front spring suspension

Fig. 2. Front spring suspension

Rear suspension with leaf springs

Fig. 3. Rear suspension with leaf springs

For individual vehicles of the UAZ-31512 family (including all UAZ-3153 vehicles), a front spring suspension (Fig. 1) and a rear suspension with leaf springs (Fig. 2) are installed.

The small-leaf spring consists of 3 sheets (for the UAZ-3153 car - of 4 sheets).

Shock absorber

Fig. 4. Shock absorber

The front and rear shock absorbers (fig. 4) of all cars, except for cars with spring suspension, are the same and interchangeable.

For vehicles with front spring suspension and rear suspension with leaf springs, the front shock absorbers are shorter (by 25 mm).

Shock absorbers with a cylinder diameter of 35 and 40 mm can be installed on cars.

It is allowed to install shock absorbers of different dimensions as a set along the axles.

Possible suspension failures and troubleshooting

- Cause of malfunction


Breakage of leaf springs or springs:

- Vehicle operation with overload or driving at high speed on bad roads

Replace broken leaves, spring or spring

- Loosening the spring ladders

Pull up the stepladders

Large spring settlement (more than 20 mm) or springs:

- long-term operation of the car with overload or in difficult road conditions

Replace the spring or edit its sheets; replace the spring

Suspension squeak:

- Lack or lack of lubrication of leaf springs

Lubricate the leaf springs

- Wear of rubber bushings of springs (pillows) or insufficiently tight fit

Replace rubber bushings (pillows) or increase bushing preload

- Loose or worn spring suspension hinges

Tighten or replace hinges

Suspension smoothness:

- Breakage of leaf springs

Replace broken sheets

- Decrease in the effectiveness of the shock absorber or failure to work

Replace the shock absorber or disassemble it, wash and replace sagging springs, broken and worn parts

Oil leak through shock absorber seal:

- The stuffing box nut is loose or the stuffing box is worn out

Tighten the gland nut or change the gland