If, when the engine is warmed up to operating temperature and idling, the emergency oil pressure lamp lights up, then you need to make sure that:

  • a) the oil level in the engine oil pan is normal;
  • b) the engine is filled with oil in accordance with the factory operating instructions;
  • c) the oil pressure sensor is working and its wire is not shorted to ground.

The integrity of the sensor wire insulation is checked visually; to check the sensor itself, replace it with a known good one and start the engine. If the indicator lamp continues to light, it means the sensor is working;

  • d) there are no extraneous sounds coming from the engine (knocks, grinding noises) indicating cranking of the connecting rod or main bearings or a malfunction of the oil pump.

To complete the work you will need a pressure gauge.

We prepare the car for work.

Start the engine and warm it up to operating temperature.

After turning off the engine, remove the emergency oil pressure sensor.

Checking engine oil pressure

Squeeze the protrusions of the wire connecting block on both sides and remove the block from the emergency oil pressure sensor.

Checking engine oil pressure

Use a 21 mm spanner to unscrew the sensor and remove it.

You can check the sensor only on a special stand, or by replacing it with a known good one

Checking engine oil pressure

We screw the tip of the pressure gauge into the mounting hole of the sensor

Start the engine and check the oil pressure at idle and at a crankshaft speed of about 5400 rpm.

For a serviceable engine, warmed up to operating temperature, the oil pressure at idle speed should be at least 196.2 kPa (2 bar), and the oil pressure at high crankshaft speed should be 441.3 - 637.4 kPa (4 .5 - 6.5 bar).

If the pressure is below normal, then the engine needs major repairs.

If the oil pressure at high crankshaft speed is higher than normal, then the oil pump safety (reducing) valve is probably faulty.

After completing the test, install the sensor in place.

A pressure gauge for checking oil pressure can be purchased at a spare parts store.

You can make it yourself if you have a pressure gauge, a hose and a fitting with a suitable thread.