The TEMS-1 “Vostok” tachograph is installed on the instrument panel and is designed to indicate and record vehicle operating parameters and driver operating modes (drivers during two-shift work)

The tachograph indicates:

  • - movement speed; time in hours and minutes;
  • - distance traveled; exceeding the specified speed;
  • - movement of the clock mechanism; type of activity of the driver behind the wheel, joint repair work and recreation.
Electrical diagram for connecting the tachograph: 1 - fuses 13.3722; 3 - fuse PR310; 5 - tachograph; 6 - engine crankshaft speed sensor; 7 - ground switch; 8 - battery; 9 - speed sensor
Wire color designation: B - white; Z - green; K - red; KCH - brown; P - pink; F - purple; h - black

The tachograph records on chart disks: speed; the distance traveled during the day; duration and mode of work of the driver; every case of tachograph opening.

The tachograph, automatically replacing one-day chart disks, ensures registration of parameters for 7 days.

The TEMS-1 Vostok tachograph works in conjunction with a speed sensor 19.3843, which is installed on the gearbox.