Washing and cleaning of windshields is carried out by an electric windshield washer and wiper

Construction and replacement of a KAMAZ windscreen wiper

To actuate the windshield washer pump 1 (fig. 1), press the switch button 6 and - hold it in this position for no more than 10 s.

In this case, the liquid from the tank 2 is supplied to the jets 3, through which it is sprayed onto the windshields. When released, the key returns to its original position.

Press the three-position switch to turn on the wiper.

In the first position of the switch, the wiper provides 20 ... 45 double strokes of the levers with brushes in 1 minute, in the second position - at least 45 strokes.

Possible malfunctions of windshield wipers, causes and solutions

  • Brush touches cabin parts during operation:

Incorrect installation of the lever on the axle - Remove the nut securing the lever to the axle, and then the lever; turn on the wiper and turn it off after 30 ... 60 s; set the lever with

with a brush so that the brush is located at a distance of 10 ... 20 mm from the edge of the seal, strengthen the lever, turn on the wiper and check the installation of the lever

  • Wiper works at one speed:

Switch failure - replace switch;

Faulty gearmotor - replace gearmotor;

Open circuit in the power supply of one of the brushes of the geared motor - repair the open circuit

  • The gearmotor does not turn on:

Fuse blown - find the fault in the electrical wires; eliminate. Replace fuse

Failure of the gearmotor - replace the gearmotor;

Open circuit - repair the open

  • Poor windshield brushing:

Worn or aged brush rubber - clean the glass of oil by rinsing it with clean water or a degreasing solution. Replace brushes

Wiper replacement

The wiper is replaced when the rods are bent, the axles and bushings are worn. Also, in case of breakage of parts of the gearbox and failure of the drive motor

Removing the wiper

Turn off the mass of the car

Disconnecting the electrical connector in the power wires of the wiper motor

Construction and replacement of the windscreen wiper of a KAMAZ vehicle

Unscrew the nuts 1 and remove the wiper arms 2

Construction and replacement of a KAMAZ windshield wiper

Unscrew the nut 5 (Fig. 3), remove the thrust crank from the drive shaft

Unscrew the nuts 3 (Fig. 2), remove the set of washers 4 and fitting

We unscrew the bolts 4 (Fig. 3) and remove the electric motor 1

Remove the gearmotor by unscrewing the screws securing the gearmotor to the bracket

Wiper installation

We fix the gearmotor on the bracket by screwing in the screws

We install the drive on the inner panel of the cab front end, checking the presence and serviceability of the rubber gasket

We install bushings 5 ​​(Fig. 2) on the thrust fitting

We install the tie rod by fixing the fitting on the outer front panel, install a set of washers 4 and tighten the nuts 3

We fix the thrust crank on the gearbox shaft with nut 5 (Fig. 3)

Install the brush levers 2 (Fig. 2) on the splined ends of the fittings so that the brushes are at the lower edge of the wind window, tighten the nuts 1

Connecting the electrical connector of the windshield wiper wire harness and the front wire harness

Turn on the mass of the car and check the operation of the wiper

The electrical circuit and operation of the windshield wiper power supply system is described in the article KamAZ vehicle windshield wiper system