The cabin is heated by water, from the engine cooling system, which allows you to set the optimum temperature in the cabin at any time of the year and protects the glass from freezing

KAMAZ vehicle heating and ventilation system

The cabin heater consists of a radiator with tap 10, two fans with electric motors, hot air distributors with dampers, two air distributors and controls.

Radiator 8 is installed in a niche behind the facing panel and is included in the engine cooling system.

Hot fluid enters the radiator through the inlet hose 11 through the heater tap 10.

After passing through the radiator, the liquid through the supply hose 12 of the heater enters the lower tank of the radiator 14 of the engine cooling system.

Outside air flows to the radiator through the fascia grille.

After passing through the radiator, the heated air is supplied by two fans through air ducts to the windshield blower nozzles.

Air is supplied to the feet of the driver and passengers through the openings of the air distributors.

The air distributors 1 installed on the instrument panel on the left and right sides are used to direct air to the door glass.

Air distributor grilles rotate 360° in the horizontal plane.

Regulate the heat flow with the heater valve, as well as by changing the speed of the fan impellers.

To obtain the maximum heat flow, the heater valve must be fully open, the fan motors 19 must operate at maximum speed, the dampers in the distribution channels must be fully open.

When supplying superheated air to the cab, close the heater cock.

To further reduce the warm air supply to the cab, switch the fan motors to a lower speed or turn them off.

In this case, air is supplied to the cabin due to the velocity pressure that occurs when the vehicle is moving.

The efficiency of the heater depends on the temperature of the liquid in the engine cooling system. At a liquid temperature below 75ºС, the efficiency of the heater drops sharply.

The heater tap must be fully open in winter.

The tap and dampers of the air distributors are controlled by the drive levers 2, located under the instrument panel, to the left of the steering column.

The upper lever controls the heater valve, and the two lower levers control the flaps of the right and left air distributors.

Intermediate, lever positions allow you to smoothly change the efficiency of heating the cab and windshields;

The key switch for the fan motors is located on the fuse panel to the right of the steering column.

When the heater is running, do not close the heater valve completely, as this will disrupt the circulation of fluid through the radiator.

Cab ventilation is natural - an oncoming air flow is used when the car is moving.

To ventilate the cabin, use the rotary windows, lower the door windows, open the ventilation hatch on the roof, which is installed in four fixed positions.

Heater replacement

KAMAZ vehicle heating and ventilation system

The heater is usually replaced in case of leaks and mechanical damage to the radiator, damage to casings, impellers and electric motors that impair the operation of the heater

Tools will be required: wrenches for 10, 12, a screwdriver, dishes for coolant

Prepare the car and turn off the battery

Set the heater tap control lever to the “open” position

Drain the coolant (8-9 l) from the engine cooling system

KAMAZ vehicle heating and ventilation system

Disconnecting the plug connectors of the fan motors

Unscrew the screws 1 and remove the fan cover 2

We unscrew the screws 4 fastening the flanges 5 and remove the impellers 19 with the assembled electric motors

We loosen the clamps 8 and disconnect from the hot air distributor 9 hoses 6 and 7 for blowing side and windshields

We unscrew the screws 10 fastening the snails of 3 fans with distributors as an assembly to the heater panel 18 and remove the snails

Raise the cab front trim panel

We loosen the clamps 16 and disconnect the hoses from the radiator 12 of the heater: front inlet 14 and outlet 15

We unscrew the bolts 13 securing the radiator to the heater casing 17 and remove the radiator

Heater installation

Install we pour the radiator 12 of the heater into the casing 17 of the heater, checking the presence and serviceability of the seal 11

We screw in the bolts 13 securing the radiator to the hatch of the heater panel

We connect hoses 14 and 15 to the radiator pipes, fix them with clamps 16

We connect 3 fans with distributors to the panel 18 of the snail heater and screw in the screws 10

We connect hoses 6 and 7 for blowing side windows and windshield to the nozzles of air distributors 9 and fasten the hoses with clamps

We install 3 impellers 19 with assembled electric motors in the volutes and fix the flanges 5 on the volutes with screws 4

Install the fan shroud 2 and fix it with screws 1

Connecting the plug connectors of the fan motors

Add coolant to the engine cooling system to a normal level

Turn on the batteries

We start the engine and check the operation of the heating system

Lowering the cab front panel