On engines mod. 406, filter 2101-1012005 is used, installed at the bottom of the cylinder block on the right side.

In order to replace the filter, you need to unscrew the old filter and screw in the new one.

The filter should be wrapped without using any tool by hand.

It is more convenient to carry out work on a lift or inspection ditch.

Replacing the oil filter ZMZ-406

Use a 24 wrench to unscrew the drain plug, drain the oil into a wide container with a volume of at least 6 liters placed under the crankcase and screw the plug back into place.

Drainage duration – at least 5 minutes.

Replacing the oil filter ZMZ-406

The oil filter is difficult to reach and is tightly tightened, so unscrewing it by hand can be difficult. For clarity, the exhaust manifold has been removed.

Replacing the oil filter ZMZ-406

To remove the filter, it is better to use a puller, but it is convenient to use it only while under the car.

Replacing the ZMZ-406 oil filter

Therefore, unscrewing the six bolts with an 8 key, remove the engine splash guard.

Use a puller to unscrew the oil filter.

Or simply, we pierce the filter housing with a large nail or a drift and use them as a lever to unscrew the filter.

Replacing the oil filter ZMZ-406

Lubricate the gasket of the new filter with engine oil

Replacing the oil filter ZMZ-406

Screw the filter onto the fitting and after the gasket comes into contact with the cylinder block, tighten it by hand 3/4 of a turn

Pour fresh engine oil into the engine through a funnel and install the engine splash guard.