Replacing the fine fuel filter

The service life of the fuel fine filter depends on the purity of the fuel used

Replace the filter every 25 thousand kilometers or according to the results of diagnostics of the “COMMON RAIL” system in accordance with Figure 1, for which:

  • - unscrew filter 1 from fitting 7 in housing 2 and replace it with a new filter Mann & Hummel WDK962 supplied complete with gasket 6 pre-lubricated with engine oil;

Replacing the fine fuel filter.

Picture 1 - Replacing the fine fuel filter.

  • - after touching the gasket 6 of the mounting pad A on the body 2, tighten the filter another ¾ turn. At the same time, turn the filter only by hand;
  • - open the fuel tank cock and fill the system with fuel.

Filling the fuel system

Cranking a diesel engine with a starter when the power supply system is not filled with fuel is prohibited. The high pressure fuel pump will fail.

To fill the fuel system, it is necessary to remove air from it (bleed the system) for which:

Removing air from the fuel system

Figure 2 - Bleeding the fuel system.

Unscrew plug 5 (Figure 2) located on the fuel pre-filter housing by 2..3 turns.

Bleed the system using booster pump 4 located on the fuel pre-filter housing 3, tighten plug 5 (tightening torque 15...20 Nm) after fuel appears without air bubbles.

Unscrew the plug 6, located on the bolt for fastening the outlet fitting of the fine fuel filter, by 2..3 turns.

Continue pumping the system using the booster pump, tighten plug 6 (tightening torque 15...20 Nm) after the appearance of fuel without air bubbles.

Unscrew the swivel bolt 8 that fastens the drain pipes on the high-pressure pump housing 1 by 2...3 turns and continue pumping with the booster pump until fuel appears without air bubbles.

Tighten bolt 8 (tightening torque 30...40 Nm).

Air cleaner maintenance

Maintenance of the air cleaner with paper filter elements made of special highly porous cardboard is carried out every 80 thousand kilometers or, if necessary, according to the clogging indicator.

Maintenance of the air cleaner consists of blowing out the main filter element, which traps the dust entering the air cleaner.

Contamination of the control filter element indicates damage to the main filter element (breakthrough of the paper curtain, peeling off the bottoms). In this case, it is necessary to blow out the control filter element, and replace the main one.

Maintain the air cleaner in accordance with Figure 21 in the following sequence:

  • - remove pallet 6;
  • - remove the main filter element 1.

It is not recommended to remove the control filter element 2 from the housing.

Blow the main filter element with compressed air first from the inside and then from the outside until the dust is completely removed.

In order to avoid breaking through the paper curtain, the air pressure should be no more than 0.2-0.3 MPa.

Air cleaner

Picture 3 - Air cleaner

The air jet should be directed at an angle to the surface of the filter element.

During maintenance, it is necessary to protect the filter element from mechanical damage and oiling.

It is forbidden to blow the filter element with exhaust gases or wash it in diesel fuel.

Clean the inlet pipe, the inner surfaces of the body and the air cleaner tray from dust and dirt.

Before assembling the air cleaner, check the condition of the O-rings.

When assembling, make sure that the filter elements are correctly installed in the housing and securely tighten the wing nut by hand.