Remove and disassemble the pressure regulator in the following order:

1. Disconnect the pipes leading to the regulator.

2. Detach the regulator from the bracket (base).

UAZ brake pressure regulator

Fig. 7. Pressure regulator

3. Unscrew plug 14 (see Fig. 7) from the end of the body.

4. Remove protective cover 20 and circlip 19.

5. Remove piston 1 from the housing with all internal parts.

6. Unscrew the bypass valve 16. The control plug 17 is not recommended to be removed unnecessarily.

Remove the piston from the body carefully towards the end under the protective cover so as not to damage the sealing rings.

If the piston does not come out freely from the body, first slightly push it from the side of the end under the plug.

Assemble and install the regulator in the following order:

1. Assemble piston 1 with seal 7 (see Fig. 7).

2. Install the body bushing 8, the assembled piston with seal, the support washer 6, the piston spring 4, the support washer 3, the sealing ring 2, the piston sleeve 18 and the retaining ring 19 into the regulator body 5.

3. Install support washer 9, sealing ring 11, pusher bushing 10, second sealing ring 11, support plate 12 and bushing spring 13 into the regulator body.

4. Assemble plug 14 with gasket 15 and screw it into the regulator body.

5. Screw the bypass valve 16 into the regulator body.

6. Install the protective cover 20, the bypass valve cap and the control plug 17 (if it was removed).

Tightening torques: plugs 14 - 43–57 Nm (4.4–5.8 kgf m);

- valve 16 - 10–14 Nm (1.0–1.4 kgf m).

Removing and installing the pressure regulator drive

Pressure regulator actuator

Fig. 8. Pressure regulator drive

It is not recommended to remove the pressure regulator drive from the car unnecessarily so as not to disturb its adjustment.

In case of dismantling during assembly, it is necessary to maintain the installation dimensions shown in fig. 8.

In this case, set the size H (the position of the elastic lever 5 relative to the bracket 2) with the adjusting bolt 4 on the pressure regulator, assembled with the bracket 2, the drive lever 3, the elastic lever 5 and terminal 11 (before installation on the car).

Tightening torques: bolt 13 and nuts of bolts 4, 13 and axle 14 - 27–35 Nm (2.8–3.6 kgf m);

- bolts for fastening the regulator to the bracket 2 and bolt nuts 9 - 14–18 Nm (1.4–1.8 kgf m);

- bolt nuts 6 - 6.4–8.0 Nm (0.65–0.8 kgf m).