Maintenance and adjustment of the UAZ-3151 clutch

The clutch (Fig. 1) of the car is dry, single-disc, with hydraulic release.


The necessary work is carried out when disassembling the clutch.

Lubricate the clutch release bearing through the oiler cap located on the right side of the clutch housing, according to the lubrication table.

Access to the oiler from below the car.

Periodically drain the condensate from the clutch housing by removing plug 22 (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Clutch: 1 - lower part of the clutch housing; 2 - flywheel; 3 - driven disk; 4 - pressure disk; 5 - apron bearing; 6 - crankshaft; 7 - input shaft; 8 - needle bearing; 9 - clutch housing; 10 - pull lever finger; 11 - pull lever; 12 - axis of the pull lever; 13 - roller of the pull-out lever; 14 - pull lever fork; 15 - adjusting screw; 16 - clutch release spring; 17 - clutch release clutch; 18 - clutch release bearing; 19 - pressure spring; 20 - clutch casing; 21 - heat-insulating washer; 22 - plug; 23 - bearing lubrication hose; 24 - oiler bracket; 25 - oiler body; 26 - oiler cover; 27 - toothed washer

Adjusting the clutch mechanism

Adjust the clutch mechanism with the clutch pressure plate removed in the following order.

Install the pressure plate assembly on the plate (a flywheel can be used instead of the plate) and secure it to the casing with six bolts.

Before fastening, install a replacement template for the driven disk in the form of a ring 9.5 mm thick between the plate and the pressure disk.

Fig. 2. Position of the pull levers after adjustment: 1 - clutch casing; 2 - pressure spring; 3 - pressure disk; 4 - adjusting screw; 5 - pull lever

Adjustment is carried out by screwing in or unscrewing the adjusting screws (Fig. 2) until the size is (51.5±0.75) mm (the distance of the head of one of the screws from the surface of the plate).

The difference in the distance from the plate to the heads of the other two screws should not exceed 0.2 mm.

Fig. 3. Locking the adjusting bolts

After adjustment, lock the screws of the 4 levers by pressing the edge of the lever into the groove of the screw, as shown in Fig. 3.