The front and rear wheel hubs (see fig. 1 and 3) are the same for all vehicles, except for vehicles with final drive axles

The hub flanges of vehicles with final drive axles (see Fig. 2) are offset inward by 16.5 mm relative to their outer end and have 10 (instead of 8) threaded holes for the bolts of the drive flanges.

Fig. 1. Steering knuckle

Fig. 2. Rear axle with final drive

UAZ rear wheel hub

Fig. 3. Rear wheel hub

The wheels of cars are disk, stamped, with a deep one-piece rim of dimension 6LX15 or 6JX16, depending on the tires used.

Car tires - pneumatic, chamber bias (15") or radial (15" or 16").

Spare wheel mounting for UAZ-31512 family vehicles

Fig. 4. Fixing the spare wheel of cars of the UAZ-31512 family

Spare wheel holder

Fig. 5. Spare wheel mounting

Possible causes of wheel and tire failure

- Cause of malfunction


Wobbling front wheels:

- Large clearance in the front wheel bearings

Adjust wheel bearings. If necessary, replace worn or damaged bearings

- Increased clearance in the pivot bushings

Adjust or replace worn parts

- Increased clearances in the tie rod joints

Replace worn parts

- Wheel deformation (rim or disk bent)

If there is too much runout, change the wheel

Front wheel steering:

- Different air pressure in the left and right tires of the front wheels

Check and adjust if necessary

- Increased clearances in the steering mechanism or in the hinges of the bipod thrust

Adjust or replace worn parts as needed

- deformation of the casings of the front axle crankcase and frame

Check, straighten bent parts or replace with new ones

- Non-simultaneous action of wheel brakes


Increased or uneven tire wear:

- the air pressure in the tires is not correct

Check the pressure and bring it to normal

- Overloading car tires

Do not overload the vehicle. Place the load evenly

- Incorrect toe (bent or incorrectly adjusted steering rod)

Straighten the rod, adjust its length and check the toe-in.

Replace rod if necessary

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