Lada Kalina is a five-seater passenger car with a front engine, an all-metal welded body of a supporting structure, and front-wheel drive

VAZ – 11183 – with a sedan body and VAZ – 11193 – with a hatchback body.

The front and rear bumpers are made of impact-resistant polypropylene, which absorbs impact energy during a collision.

There is a cross beam in the front part of the body under the instrument panel.

The central pillar, roof and sills have a reinforced structure. All doors have metal bars installed for additional rigidity.

Dimensions of the VAZ-11183 car

The basic package includes electric power steering, which makes driving much easier.

Dimensions of the VAZ-11193 car

For greater convenience and safety, a wide range of options is offered: airbags for the driver and passenger, seat belt pretensioners, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, fog lights, electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors, heated front seats.

The car can be equipped with VAZ-2114, VAZ-2126, VAZ-11183 engines

Vehicle technical data

Body type – sedan:

  • Number of seats 5
  • Number of doors 4

Curb weight 1080 kg

Body type – hatchback:

  • - number of seats 5
  • - number of doors – 5

Curb weight 1070 kg

Gross weight 1555 kg

Ground clearance (at full weight) 158 mm

Total weight of towed trailer, kg:

  • - equipped with 900 brakes
  • - not equipped with brakes 450

Maximum speed 170 km/h

Acceleration time to 100 km/h 13 s

Fuel consumption per 100 km combined cycle 7.8

Smallest turning radius 5.2 m

Fuel tank capacity 50 l


Clutch - single disc, dry, with diaphragm pressure spring

Clutch release drive - cable, with a mechanism for automatically adjusting the length of the cable

Gearbox – mechanical, five-speed, with synchronizers in all forward gears and with electric locking reverse

The main gear is cylindrical, structurally made in one block with the gearbox.

Differential – bevel, two-satellite

Gearbox ratios:

  • 1st gear – 3.636
  • 2nd gear – 1,950
  • 3rd gear – 1.357
  • 4th gear – 0.941
  • 5th gear – 0.784

Reverse gear – 3.5

The final drive ratio is 3.706 or 3.937

Front wheel drive – Shafts with constant velocity joints


Front suspension – independent, with telescopic shock struts, coil conical springs, lower wishbones, with braces and anti-roll bar

Rear suspension - semi-independent, with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, coil springs and trailing arms connected by a transverse beam

Wheels – disc, steel or alloy

Tire size – 175/70R13, 175/65R14, 185/60R14


Steering mechanism – Rack gear with electric power steering

Steering drive – Two rods with rubber-metal joints on the steering mechanism side and ball joints on the swing arm side

Brake system

Service brake system - hydraulic, dual-circuit - diagonal, with a vacuum booster and brake force regulator in the drive of the rear wheel brakes

Front wheel brake – Disc, ventilated, with single-piston floating caliper and automatic clearance adjustment

The brake mechanism of the rear wheels is drum, with self-aligning pads and automatic adjustment of the gap between the pads and the drum

Parking brake – Manual, with a cable drive on the brake pads of the rear wheels

Electrical equipment

The electrical circuit is single-wire, the negative terminals of power supplies and consumers are connected to the body ground and the power unit

Rated voltage – 12 V

Battery – 6ST-55A, capacity 55 Ah.

Generator – alternating current, three-phase with built-in rectifier unit and electronic voltage regulator.

Maximum output current – 85 A

Starter - DC, with planetary gearbox, electromagnetic traction relay and freewheel

Passport data of the car in the engine compartment: 1 - identification number (VIN); 2 - vehicle data plate

The vehicle identification number is stamped on the right mudguard cup, next to the upper suspension strut mount.

Identification number

It is also duplicated on the wheel arch of the rear right wheel, under the back of the rear seat.

If it is necessary to check it, fold the right side of the rear seat back and bend back the cut part of the upholstery (the identification number is shown by the arrow).

Engine model and number

The engine model and number are stamped on the cylinder block platform located above the clutch housing (you can see the number by removing the air filter housing or using a small mirror).

Vehicle information is given on the plate attached to the upper cross member of the radiator frame on the right