The parking brake should hold the vehicle on a 25% grade when the parking brake lever is moved 15-20 teeth (clicks) of the ratchet device

To check the correct adjustment of the parking brake, find an overpass or loading ramp with a height of H = 1.25 m and an entrance length of L = 5 m near the parking area of your car.

This ratio corresponds to a slope of 25%

Parking brake system: 1 - lever; 2 - front cable; 3 - nuts; 4 - bracket; 5, 8 - rear cables; 6 - expansion link; 7 - drive lever; 9 - equalizer; B - control size (144-150 mm)

If such a ramp is not available, for a simplified check of the parking brake, place the vehicle on a level surface.

Set the gear shift lever to the neutral position, raise the parking brake lever fully.

Get out of the car and try to move it.

If you succeed, you need to urgently adjust the parking brake drive

Adjusting the parking brake drive

Lower the parking brake lever to its lowest position.

Adjusting the parking brake drive

Use a screwdriver to pry up and remove the two plastic plugs of the brake shield (the wheels have been removed for clarity).

Adjusting the parking brake drive

Using a “17” socket, loosen the brake eccentric nut by 1–2 turns.

Adjusting the parking brake drive

Using a long “9” socket or a special tubular wrench, turn the eccentric bolt until resistance to rotation is felt, which is caused by the decompression of the pads.

The start of movement of the blocks can also be determined through the inspection windows in the panel.

Using a 17mm socket, tighten the eccentric nut to a torque of 2.4–3.5 kgf.m.

At the same time, keep the bolt from turning with the “9” head.

We similarly adjust the brake mechanism on the other side of the car and install plastic plugs in the brake shields.

Adjusting the parking brake drive

We eliminate the play between the tips of the cables and the depressions on the equalizer, for which purpose: using two “24” wrenches, we loosen the tightening of the nuts securing the cable shell (Fig. 5) and, by moving the nuts along the threaded part of the shell, we achieve elimination of the play between the cable tip and the cavity on the equalizer.

We similarly eliminate the play at the other cable end.

Tighten the locknuts of both cables. In this case, the leveler bar must be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the car.

Adjusting the parking brake drive

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between the equalizer and the front wall of the bracket. It should be between 144–150 mm.

Adjusting the parking brake drive

If necessary, adjust the position of the central cable in the same way as adjusting the rear cables.

If after this there is play between the tips of the rear cables and the equalizer, repeat the adjustment described above.

When the drive is correctly adjusted, the parking brake lever should not move more than 15 sector teeth (clicks).