To seal the joint between the flanges of the cylinder head and the intake manifold, as well as between the flanges of the throttle assembly and the intake manifold, sealing rings are installed in the grooves of the intake manifold pipes

VAZ-21126 intake manifold gasket replacement

If the tightness of these rings is violated, the engine runs unevenly (“troit”).

When air is sucked through the intake manifold, pops from the exhaust pipe may occur.

There are also interruptions in the operation of the engine and a decrease in power.

During this malfunction, the engine consumes more gasoline.

You will need: screwdrivers with flat and Phillips blades, wire cutters or a knife, wrenches "10", "13".

Raise the hood and disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery.

Remove the decorative engine cover.

Remove the throttle assembly from the intake manifold (see "Removing and installing the throttle assembly").

Remove the intake manifold (see "Replacing the cylinder head cover gasket").

VAZ-21126 intake manifold gasket replacement

Remove the O-rings from the intake ports.

VAZ-21126 intake manifold gasket replacementVAZ-21126 intake manifold gasket replacement

Pry with a screwdriver and remove the seal of the throttle assembly mounting flange.

Install the new O-rings into the grooves of the manifold.

VAZ-21126 intake manifold gasket replacement

Before installing the intake manifold, cover the intake ports with rags and clean the O-ring seats.

Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.