Disassemble the bridge in the following order:

Install the bridge on the stand (Fig. 1), unscrew the oil filler and oil drain plugs and drain the oil.

Installation of the axle on the stand

Fig. 1. Installing the bridge on the stand

Unscrew the axle shaft mounting bolts and use them to remove the axle shafts.

Remove the nuts and bolts securing the cover and crankcase, carefully separate the bridge into two parts. Remove the gasket.

Remove the driven gear differential assembly from the crankcase.

Remove the final drive gear.

Without disassembling the bridge, it is impossible to remove the drive gear, since when the gear with bearings is pressed out of the axle housing, the rear bearing (with cylindrical rollers) will rest against the driven gear.

Pull out drive gear

Fig. 2. Pressing out the drive gear

To remove the drive gear, unpin and unscrew the nut on the shank, remove the washer and flange, remove the bolts and remove the drive gear front bearing cover.

Remove the oil ring, press the pinion gear (Fig. 2) with the bearing assembly out of the crankcase with a tool.

Disassemble the differential in the following order:

- unscrew the bolts securing the driven gear to the satellite box; remove the driven gear;

- unscrew the bolts securing the halves of the satellite box;

- Disconnect the right half of the satellite box from the left and remove the differential gears, satellite axles and support washers.

Assessing the technical condition of parts

After disassembling the bridge, thoroughly rinse the parts in kerosene and inspect.

Replace gears with scuffing and chipping on the teeth.

Replace worn bearings. If the bearings and related parts do not require replacement, then do not press out the bearing rings.

Press out the outer rings of the bearings (Fig. 3) of the differential from the crankcase and cover and remove the inner rings (Fig. 4) of these bearings with tools.

Removal of the rear and front pinion bearings is shown in fig. 5 and 6.

The end of the neck, on which the rear bearing is pressed, is punched, therefore, press it out only for replacement.

When disassembling the bridge, do not dismantle the inner and outer rings of the bearings of the differential and the drive gear, and when assembling the bearings that cannot be replaced, install them in their original places.

Oil ring should have smooth ends.

If necessary, sand it to a thickness of at least 5 mm.

Gimbal flange

The flange end mating with the oil ring must be smooth. If necessary, grind it to a height of at least 53 mm.

Pressing out the differential bearing outer ring

Fig. 3. Pressing out the differential bearing outer race

Removal of the differential bearing inner ring

Fig. 4. Removing the inner ring of the differential bearing

Removing the rear bearing from the drive gear

Fig. 5. Removing the rear bearing from the drive gear

Removing the front bearing from the drive gear

Fig. 6. Removing the front bearing from the drive gear

Bridge housing

Remove all roughness and burrs from the seating and adjacent surfaces of the crankcase.

Clean the oil channels.

Differentials and axle shafts

Thrust washers, pinion axles, pinion pinions, pinion gears and pinion boxes with scoring and severe wear will be replacede.

Replace planetary gears and side gears as a set.

Replace the side gear thrust washer if it is less than 1.2mm thick.

If the ends of the satellite box are worn out, it is allowed to install washers increased in thickness by 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm.