Remove the wheel from the car in the following order:

1. Loosen the wheel nuts

2. Jack up the wheel to be replaced.

3. Loosen the wheel nuts and remove the wheel from the hub.

Install the wheel on the hub in reverse order.

When disassembling and reassembling tires, observe the following:

– only clean, serviceable tires, chambers and wheel rims corresponding to the sizes and types are subject to assembly;

– fill only new tubes in new tires;

- disassemble and assemble tires on the way using special blades available in the driver's tool kit; in garage conditions

– using special equipment;

- disassemble and assemble tires in conditions that exclude sand and dirt from getting on the tubes and tires.

Disassemble the tire in the following order:

1. Release the air completely from the chamber by unscrewing the valve spool.

Removing the outer bead of a tire

Fig. 1. Removing the outer bead

2. Insert part of the tire bead (from the side opposite the valve) into the recess of the wheel rim, and then move the tire bead through the rim with mounting spatulas, starting at the valve (Fig. 1).

If a tire sticks to a rim, separate its beads with a jack, using, for example, the weight of the car.

To do this, put the wheel under the car, place the jack on the tire near the wheel disc (for the outer bead, always on the side opposite the valve), place a board under the base of the jack and start lifting the car.

After several strokes of the jack wrench, the tire will easily fall behind the disc.

3. Push the valve out of the hole in the disk and remove the chamber.

Removing the inner tire bead

Fig. 2. Removing the inner tire bead

4. Slide the other side of the tire into the recess of the disc and, laying the blades, as shown in fig. 2, remove the tire.

If the tire is being disassembled only to replace the inner tube, remove only one bead from the rim on the valve side.

Assemble the tire in the following order:

1. Place the disc with the chamber valve hole facing up.

2. Powder the tire (inside) and the chamber with a thin layer of talcum powder over the entire surface, remove excess talc.

Lubricate the tire bead with soapy water to make assembly easier.

Installing a tire on a wheel

Fig. 3. Installation of the tire on the wheel: A - installation of the inner bead of the tire; B - filling the camera into the tire; B - installation of the outer bead of the tire

3. Place the tire on the wheel with the serial number facing up.

Using mounting blades, install the inner bead of the tire (Fig. 3, A) on the wheel disk and insert it into the recess of the disk.

4. Insert the valve of the chamber into the opening of the disk and carefully tuck the chamber into the tire (Fig. 3, B).

5. Pump up the chamber so that it expands and takes the correct position on the disk, and then release the air.

6. After making sure that the lower bead of the tire is in the recess of the disc, put the outer bead of the tire onto the disc using mounting blades (Fig. 3, B).

Start filling the outer bead of the tire on the side opposite the valve, and continue in both directions, approaching it. At the same time, make sure that the valve is in the correct position in the disc hole, avoiding its distortion.

As you put on the bead, slide the tucked part of the tire into the recess of the disk.

7. Inflate the bladder to normal pressure, then completely deflate it and re-inflate to ensure the correct (no wrinkle) position of the bladder in the tire.

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