On engines mod. 406, filter 2101-1012005 is used, installed at the bottom of the cylinder block on the right side

In order to replace the filter, you need to unscrew the old filter and screw in the new one.

Replacing the oil filter

The filter should be wrapped without using any tool by hand.

If the old filter cannot be unscrewed, you can pierce it with a screwdriver and, using it as a lever, unscrew the filter.

Replacing the oil filter

On the engine mod. 402, before removing the filter, drain the oil from it by unscrewing plug 4.

Unscrew the emergency oil pressure sensor at the bottom of the filter.

Unscrew bolt 2 securing the tube and nut 3 securing the filter.

Remove filter 1.

Replacing the filter element of the ZMZ-402 engine

Drain the oil from the filter.

Replacing the oil filter

Unscrew cap nut 1 and remove filter cover 2.

Replacing the oil filter

Remove washer 1 and the rubber seal of the filter element located under it, then remove filter element 2.

Replacing the oil filter

Remove the lower seal 1 of the filter element.

Remove the washer and spring installed under the lower seal.

If the spring has cracks or is broken, replace the spring.

Install the new filter element in the reverse order; during installation, replace the seals of the filter element.