Removal and installation of the GAZ-3110 rear shock absorber

The main reasons for replacing shock absorbers are inefficient vibration damping, knocks in the suspension, leakage of shock absorber fluid

Mount the vehicle on a lift or a pit.

The shock absorber is removed when the rear suspension is loaded

If the vehicle is on a ditch, chock the front wheels, raise the rear of the vehicle and place it on jack stands.

Install a jack (preferably hydraulic) under the spring pad and, while raising it, load the suspension.

If the car is mounted on a lift, then place a stable support under the spring pad and, carefully lowering the car, load the suspension.

Removing and installing rear shock absorber GAZ-3110

Leave the luggage compartment, unscrew the mat that closes the access of the upper shock absorber mount.

Unscrew the locknut, then the fastening nut, holding the stem by the flats from turning.

Remove the cup and top cushion.

Removing and installing rear shock absorber GAZ-3110

Remove nut 1 of the lower shock absorber mounting.

Remove spring washer 2, thrust washer 4, outer sleeve 3 of shock absorber eye.

Remove the shock absorber from the lower mounting stud and pull it down.

Remove the shock absorber lug inner bushing.

Remove the lower cushions and the upper mounting cup from the shock absorber.

Install the shock absorber in the reverse order of removal. Before installation, pull the shock absorber rod up.

Tighten the fastening nuts in the loaded state of the rear suspension.