The window regulator is non-separable and cannot be repaired. If the power window fails, it must be replaced

Removing the power window

Remove the door trim and protective film.

Lower the glass all the way down.

GAZ-3110 window regulator replacement

Unscrew the two screws 1 fastening the movable link to the glass frame and remove the link 2 from the driven lever roller 3.

GAZ-3110 power window replacement

Pull the glass up with your hands and fix it in this position by inserting a wooden wedge between the glass and the inner door panel.

GAZ-3110 power window replacement

Unscrew the two screws 1 securing the fixed stage and remove it from the lower end of the driven arm.

Remove screw 2 of the intermediate lever shaft and four screws 3 of the power window mechanism, holding it with your hand.

GAZ-3110 power window replacement

Remove the power window from the door through the lower mounting hole.

Installing the power window

Install the power window in the reverse order of removal.

GAZ-3110 power window replacement

The movable link is installed in such a way that the fixing lug A of the link is directed towards the rear of the vehicle.

The locking lug of the fixed stage must point towards the front of the vehicle.