Before disconnecting hoses and electrical wires, it is recommended to mark them so as not to confuse them during assembly

The engine is removed from the car up

To remove the engine, a hoist or other lifting device with a lifting capacity of at least 300 kg is required.

The car must be installed on a lift, inspection ditch or overpass.

Before removing the engine, it is necessary to prepare a reliable stand on which the engine must stand steadily.

  • 1. Remove the battery.
  • 2. Remove the hood.
  • 3. Remove the front engine mudguard.
  • 4. Drain the liquid from the engine cooling system.
  • 5. Drain the oil from the crankcase.
  • 6. Drain the gearbox oil.
  • 7. Remove the radiator of the cooling system.
  • 8. Disconnect the high voltage center wire and the low voltage wire from the ignition distributor.

Removing and installing engine 402 of GAZ-3110Removing and installing engine 402 of GAZ-3110

  • 9. Disconnect the wires from the starter by removing the rubber protective caps 1. Disconnect the fuel line 2 from the fuel pump.

Disconnect the wire from the emergency oil pressure switch mounted below the oil filter.

  • 10. Disconnect the oil cooler supply hose from the cock located at the bottom of the unit on the left side.
  • 11. Disconnect wire 1 from coolant temperature sender 2.

Loosen clamp 3 and disconnect hose 4 from the thermostat housing cover.

Removing and installing engine 402 of GAZ-3110Removing and installing engine 402 of GAZ-3110

  • 12. Disconnect the wires from the generator by disconnecting the block 1 and unscrewing the screw 2.
  • 13. Remove the air filter.
  • 14. Disconnect wires 1 from microswitch 2 on carburettor.

Removing and installing engine 402 of GAZ-3110Removal and installation of engine 402 of GAZ-3110

  • 15. Disconnect the air damper rod 2 from the carburetor air damper drive lever and, having unscrewed the screw 1, remove the rod 2 from the bracket.

Disconnect the accelerator drive link 4 from the throttle valve drive sector, unscrew the nut 3 and remove the link 4 from the bracket.

  • 16. Disconnect the fuel drain hose from the carburetor 1.

Disconnect the vacuum hose 2 of the EPHX solenoid valve and the vacuum hose from the vacuum supply pipe to the EPHX valve on the other side of the carburetor.

Disconnect the vacuum hose 3 of the brake booster from the fitting on the engine intake pipe by loosening the clamp 4.

  • 17. Disconnect the oil supply hose from the oil cooler from the union at the bottom of the unit on the right side.

Removing the engine of the GAZ-3110 car

  • 18. Disconnect the wire from the oil pressure gauge sensor on the block on the right side.

Disconnect the heater fluid supply and drain hoses from the heater radiator fittings.

  • 19. Remove exhaust system.
  • 20. Remove gearbox.
  • 21. Remove the clutch slave cylinder without disconnecting the hose from it, and leave the cylinder hanging on the hose.
  • 22. Disconnect the ground wire from the clutch housing.
  • 23. Unscrew the bolt securing the engine mount bracket to the cushion on each side.
  • 24. Check that all hoses and wires are disconnected from the engine.
  • 25. Carefully lift the motor up.

Removing the engine of the GAZ-3110 car

Installing the engine body in reverse order.

When installing the engine on the pads, make sure that the mounting pins on the pads fit into the holes on the engine brackets, while the bolt holes on the brackets and pads must be aligned.