Drain the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic drive, see How to bleed and replace the gazelle clutch hydraulic fluid

For this operation, you will need brake fluid, a bleed hose, a key for 10, a container for draining fluid, a key for 17.

The hydraulic clutch release uses DOT-3 or DOT-4 brake fluid.

Gazelle clutch hydraulic hose replacementGazelle clutch hydraulic hose replacement

Holding the hose with the “17” key, turn the tube fitting out of it with the “10” key

Instead of the usual "10" key, it is convenient to use a special key.

Gazelle clutch hydraulic hose replacement

Pliers remove the fixing plate

Gazelle clutch hydraulic hose replacement

Using the “17” key, we turn the hose out of the working cylinder.

There is a copper sealing washer under the hose end.

Gazelle clutch hydraulic hose replacement

Install the new hose in reverse order.

The copper washer needs to be replaced.

Fill in fresh working fluid and pump the hydraulic drive.