The vehicle can be fitted with a solid beam axle or a banjo rear axle

In order for the rear axle gearbox to last longer, you need:

  • - do not overload the car;
  • - monitor the oil level in the rear axle;
  • - clean the breather after a trip through the mud;
  • - perform maintenance on time.
  • - Cause of failure


The noise (hum) of the high-volume bridge:

- Loosening the pinion flange nut

Tighten the nut

- Wear or play of the working surfaces of the bearings of the drive gear or differential

Check the running surfaces of the bearings and, if necessary, replace them. Adjust bearing preload

Pulsating bridge noise (binding)

- Loosening of the fastening bolts of the driven gear or it is installed skewed

Tighten the bolts of the driven gear and check the runout of its "nape"

High tone bridge "howl" noise:

- Insufficient or excessive oil level

Restore oil level to normal

- Non-recommended oil used

Change the oil

- Incorrectly adjusted contact between the teeth of the new final drive gears

Check the contact patch and adjust it

- Seizures on the working surface of the main gear teeth

Replace gears

Strong knocking in the bridge when the accelerator pedal is pressed hard after coasting or cornering:

- Excessive wear of differential parts

Check total play in final drive and differential

Replace worn parts

Continuous thumping and crunching in the bridge:

- Wear of teeth or bearings

Replace worn parts

Oil leaks through the cuffs of the drive gear, the hub, as well as along the plane of the crankcase connector and the cover:

- Wear of the cuffs of the drive gear and the hubs of the rear wheels, the flange of the drive gear, the crankcase trunnion

Replace worn parts

- Clogged breather

Clean breather

- Loosening the crankcase cover bolts

Tighten the bolts

  • - Crankcase cover deformation
  • - Lid gasket damage

Replace cover

Replace gasket