- Cause of malfunction


Knock in the cardan transmission when the vehicle moves suddenly or when changing gears:

- Wear of bearings and spikes of crosspieces in hinges

Check the radial clearance in the hinge bearings and, if it exceeds 0.10 mm, replace the crosspiece and bearings

- The shaft is loosened to the rear axle drive gear flange

Tighten the fastening to the specified torque

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Vibration of cardan drive:

- Lost balancing plate

Perform dynamic shaft balancing

- The intermediate shaft spline fork is installed incorrectly

Install the splined fork in the same plane as the sliding fork

- The fastening of the intermediate support to the cross member is loose

Tighten the fastening

Increased runout of the sliding fork in the gearbox extension:

- Wear or breakage of one of the hinges

Initially rotate the splined fork through an angle of 180° and check to see if the runout decreases.

If it does not decrease, replace the worn parts. When replacing a splined fork, dynamically balance the shaft

- Breakage or damage to the rear axle drive gear flange

Replace the hinge

- The propeller shaft pipe is bent or removed

Replace flange

- The shaft fastening to the rear axle is loose

Inspect the shaft, check its runout and, if it exceeds 0.8 mm, straighten it, while its runout should be no more than 0.6 mm at any point along the length.

Balance the shaft dynamically. Tighten the fastening

Faults that are revealed during inspection:

- Rotating the cap with the cuff relative to the bearing cup (violation of the seal of the hinge)

Replace the cross assembly with the bearing. Balance the gear

- Rotating the bearing cup in the fork holes

Replace worn parts, balance the gear