- Cause of malfunction


Knocking in the driveline during a sharp change in the movement of the car or when shifting gears:

- Wear of bearings and spikes of crosses in hinges

Check radial clearance in pivot bearings and if greater than 0.10 mm, replace spider and bearings

- Loose fastening of the shaft to the flange of the rear axle drive gear

Tighten the fastener to the specified torque

Gimbal vibration:

- Lost balance plate

Dynamic shaft balancing

- The splined fork of the intermediate shaft is incorrectly installed

Installing the slotted fork in the same plane as the sliding fork

- The fastening of the intermediate support to the cross member has loosened

Tighten fastening

Increased runout of sliding fork in gearbox extension:

- Wear or breakage of one of the hinges

Initially turn the spline fork 180° and check if the runout is reduced. If it does not decrease, replace worn parts. When replacing the spline fork, balance the shaft dynamically

- Breakage or damage to the rear axle drive gear flange

Replace Hinge

- Cardan shaft tube is bent or removed

Replace flange

- Shaft fastening to the rear axle has loosened

Inspect the shaft, check its runout and, if it exceeds 0.8 mm, straighten it, while its runout should be no more than 0.6 mm at any point along the length. Balance the shaft dynamically. Tighten the mount

Malfunctions that are detected during inspection:

- Turning the cap with the cuff relative to the bearing cup (violation of the tightness of the hinge)

Replace cross with bearing assembly. Balance transmission

- Turning the bearing cup in the fork holes

Replace worn parts, balance gear